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It looks like LaTeX highlighting support is a relatively new addition to the supported list, so no default was yet set for the tag. I've now switched the tag default to use lang-latex, lets see how that goes:


It is by design. In an answer to the MSE question that was mentioned earlier Shog9 provides reasons why it has been done this way (tl;dr; to make code in the snippets looks well for everyone). As the one who used to use makefiles a lot I can understand your pain. On the other hand, I remember time when I was working with an old markdown editor (on another ...


As posted on MSE: The Problem In full.en.js, the function that adds syntax highlighting and snippet controls to posts (which is called styleCode, located on window) does not get called after an edit finishes. So, when the post is refreshed, the post body HTML gets replaced, but the snippet buttons are not re-created, and non-snippet code blocks do ...

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