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For questions about the syntax highlighting performed inside code blocks on Stack Exchange sites.

Stack Exchange uses highlight.js, a JavaScript library, for syntax highlighting of code blocks across the network.

To request syntax highlighting been added to a specific tag post on Meta Stack Overflow, write a motivation why syntax highlighting is needed and why adding supportive language tags with highlighting already enabled isn't possible. Be aware that if a tag is used for multiple languages it might not be the best option to have syntax highlighting for that tag. Tag the question with

Improvements to the highlighting for any specific language are most readily obtained by submitting patches to GitHub project of highlight.js, then (once the patches are accepted) requesting that Stack Exchange update to a revision of highlight.js that includes them.

Improvements to the way Stack Exchange sites integrate highlight.js should be requested on Meta Stack Exchange and given the tags and ( or ).

For information on available languages and how to use syntax highlighting, see What is syntax highlighting and how does it work?.