As a sixty-year-old programmer, I get stuck on the third question of the survey:


I've said it once and I'll say it again: stop asking questions that assume that I have a career/job. The survey this time around seems to have eased up on the endless career questions, but there's still stuff like What annoys you most when searching for a new job? I have never held nor searched for a job. I love the technologies I use at work. You ...


How old is the product you are working on? (aka how many of us work on legacy all the time) Not released yet Just released (sub 1 year) 1-2 years 3-5 years 5-10 years 10-25 years 25+ I realize that many people also work on a number of products at the same time, in that case we can just ask for an average or their primary product or something.


How many times are you physically active during the week? Once a day A couple times a week Once a week Once a month Never Note: This is referring to physical exertion (Getting off your chair doesn't count!)


My best debugging ideas/realizations come when I'm: in the shower. on the toilet. at my desk. commuting. in bed trying to sleep (not that we really sleep). waking from a dream/sleep. trying to explain my problem to a coworker/rubber duck. part-way through writing the question on SO. inebriated. smoking. ...wait, what is debugging? I should have made ...


All of the "how do you classify yourself" options assume that if you're not some sort of programmer that you must be management. There are no options at all for designers (many of us who participate in the HTML/CSS tags would classify as one), testers, or UX specialists.


How frequently do you check-in/commit code at work? Multiple times a day Once a day A couple times a week Once a week A few times a month I do not use version control


How much of your working day do you spend programming? 100% 75-99% 50-74% 25-49% 1-24% 0% And by programming, I don't necessarily mean typing into an IDE — to me, sketching on a whiteboard is programming too — would just be interested to see how much of a person's time is spent on other admin-y tasks (interviews, meetings, timesheets). ...


#WomenInTech Gender diversity is an important issue in our industry. Let's see how we're doing. Last year, we surveyed the gender diversity of respondents: https://stackoverflow.com/research/developer-survey-2015#profile-gender I think we should take this a step further this year and survey the gender diversity of the teams in which respondents code. ...


Because more and more I'm seeing job adverts that want someone with knowledge in a collection of associated languages rather than a single language. In how many programming languages would you consider yourself to be an "experienced user"? None 1 - 2 3 - 4 5+


What confused me is out of the top 10 up voted answers from Suggest a question for the 2016 Stack Overflow Developer Survey. Only 2 answers was chosen for the actual survey. Now I understand that we were just suggesting some questions, but I think if you included more of the answers from that question, the survey and results would have been a lot more ...


753 pennies. Doesn't look like it, huh? The median guess was 423. 56,032 people took the survey (wow). 42,035 respondents made a penny guess. 54 of you guessed correct. 37 correct guessers will be getting swag in the mail (they included a user link with their survey responses). 118 more of you will also be getting swag. N.B. The two sides of this sheet ...


How long do you typically spend employed at a job? Less than a month One to six months Six months to a year One to two years Two to five years Five years or more I'm a student! I'm curious; I know that it's pretty common to move from position to position in our industry, but I wonder what most people consider typical.


If you have a dress code policy, which best describes it? Suit Dress/Skirt + Blouse, Khakis + Dress shirt, dress shoes No-hole Jeans, No-logo t-shirt Any and everything More formal than Suit No official policy How often do you intentionally violate the policy? Rarely or never Every few months Every few weeks Every few days How much do you care about the ...


Describe your current working environment. Select all that apply: I have my own office I share an office I have my own cubicle I share a cubicle I have dreams of cubicles with walls big enough to share Open workspace I work from home in my kitchen/lounge/dining room I work from home in a dedicated office/spare room


It's very hard for me to decide whether I "love my job" or "somewhat satisfied." There is a lot in between. I do enjoy my job a lot, but "love" is something that doesn't go with work. Also, I'm a full-time employee, student and an entrepreneur but I can only select one in that question. You don't want to know about people having more than one hat?


Most productive hours of the day A slider bar for range over the 24 hours of day The same could also be extended to most productive day of week...


What do you normally do during downtime at work e.g. while compiling, uploading, downloading, etc? Stack Exchange Caffeine Social Media Daydream Read/Write Documentation ? https://xkcd.com/303/


What is your code editor of choice? Atom (and Atom-based: Visual Studio Code, Nuclide) Brackets Eclipse (or MyEclipse) Emacs (or Spacemacs, etc.) IntelliJ IDEA (also: AppCode, PyCharm, WebStorm, Android Studio, PhpStorm, CLion) jEdit NetBeans Notepad++ Qt Creator RAD Studio RubyMine Sublime Text Vim (or Vi, NeoVim, etc.) Visual Studio Xcode Zend Studio ...


I'd really want to know about their screens :P Here are a few suggestions: How big is your screen resolution on your main monitor (around)? 2560x1440 or above 1920x1080 1600x900 1366x768 1280x720 Under 1280x720 I don't use a monitor This question might be better if the question 1. just asks about the width, but the disadvantage is people might have ...


Impostor Syndrome Inspired by Sayse's answer, I think it would be interesting to measure confidence in self vs confidence in others: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your programming ability? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the programming ability of your peers? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would your peers rate your programming ability? ...


Do you talk to yourself while programming? Yes, and it helps. Yes, but it doesn't help. I would, but I'm in an environment where I can't. No, it just isn't something I do.


What was the first programming language you learned? And What was the first IDE / editor you used for programming? Both of these should probably be open fields (Or maybe a list of all available SO tags). I suspect that the second one will get a lot of "Notepad" votes... In addition: What year did you start programming?


How willing is your team / company to take on junior or entry-level developers? Unwilling For the right candidate, maybe. We occasionally take on junior or entry-level devs. We regularly take on junior or entry-level devs. We are extremely entry-level friendly.


I couldn't click fast enough on "writing cover letters" as the most annoying thing about finding work. In fact, thinking about it now, I'm still annoyed at the thought of writing a cover letter. Those were some curiously large pennies. Looking forward to the responses, and hopefully this year - a t-shirt as well.


Questions of the survey are not obligatory. You can leave them unanswered if you feel that you are not qualified to give an honest answer (or you don't want to. right?). So, I expect students (I'm one) to leave those questions empty.


Maybe its just me, but quite often I hear programmers/developers/code-monkeys having the stigma that we sit behind a desk and do not partake in any exercise/physical activities. I'd love to see what (if any) other developers do in terms of do they play any sports? Go to a gym? Go running? etc.


Somewhat related to this suggested question What web browser do you most commonly use Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari Yandex Other Multiple


How would you best describe the industry you currently work in? Aerospace Automotive Consulting Consumer Products Defense Education Finance / Banking Foundation / Non-Profit Gaming Government Healthcare Internet Manufacturing Media / Advertising Retail Software Products ...


Sometimes, I find that all the technology gets in the way of productivity; and the most basic things (ie, least distractions) provide the most boost. This question can also be used as a way to find out what things that people think that increase productivity (like standup meetings, open plan offices, etc.) actually work or not. Which of these tools do ...

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