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So're deleting the code from your questions. I don't have a lot of time to look too deeply but the pattern is obvious from this example and this example. Unless your job comes through with a legal and proper DMCA request, the likelihood of your content being eligible for wholescale removal is slim. You've published this content and we ...


I agree with points 1 and 3. Only allowing delete-voting a given post once per user would be good to help prevent delete wars (examples: 1, 2), exactly the same as the reason we only allow a close vote to be actioned once. The first example required a moderator's intervention to put a stop to it. Allowing retraction of delete votes is just sensible. Posts ...


When reviewing an edit, make sure to look at the Markdown view for the post, because only looking at the rendered output can sometimes make it hard to see what's actually happening even with a side-by-side comparison. In this case, they added backticks to the code terms in your answer, which is an edit that I would approve. The side-by-side comparison also ...


No, that is not needed. There already is a tag with the correct highlighter configured. That tag is called javascript. In the excerpt and wiki of discord.js it says: Consider also using the javascript tag. which makes sense. If the Discord askers where only a bit more careful when they tag their question, all would be fine.


Stack Overflow is not a help forum, it's a Q&A site. Its purpose is to be a repository of high-quality questions and answers. Questions and answers are not intended only for the benefit of the OP - they're intended for the benefit of anyone who ever has a similar problem (which just happens to include the OP). Besides, Stack Overflow gets thousands of ...


The problem with such a tag is that it's a meta tag. Assuming you don't change your end goal, there's nothing particularly wrong with updating your question as you go along, especially based on requests for clarification in the comments. In fact, until such a point that someone feels it's answerable, I'd feel you would have quite a lot of leeway since you're ...


Downvotes do not cause a question to be closed or deleted. There are different kinds of votes, that require different reputation levels: Downvotes (the ones you mention) require 125 reputation points. Close Votes require 3000 reputation points. Delete votes require 10000 reputation points. While a negative score and/or being closed can cause a question ...


Under no circumstance should you add any sort of phrasing along these lines to your question's title or body. Firstly, "urgency" is not a concept that Stack Overflow's Q&A model supports. On Stack Overflow, every question asked is expected to be a well-thought-out, high-quality seed for equally high-quality answers. There is no mechanism ...


do I have to flag manually every time I come across such a suggestion? Yes, you should. No flag is automatically raised because you refer to the "spam or vandalism" rejection reason. Reference: What flags are automatically raised by the system?


Yes, you will earn the bounty even if the answer is a Community Wiki. From the Meta Stack Exchange FAQ How does the bounty system work? How does Community Wiki mode affect bounties? Bounties are not affected by community wiki mode. When you award a bounty to an answer marked community wiki, the reputation bonus will be awarded to the user who posted the ...


OpenID is being phased out You can add a new login at this URL and manage your logins here. If you want to change your email:


Perhaps the synonymization could be changed to the other direction: azure-aks -> azure-kubernetes. And then the tag azure-kubernetes could be renamed to azure-kubernetes-service.


We'll take a look at this as part of the review queue visual overhaul currently in progress and make sure things are working as intended. Thanks for the report! We'll post an update here once that's done.

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