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21 votes

Missing notifications for watched tags

Watched tags don't trigger notifications by default. If you want to receive email notifications of new questions with specific tags, you need to create Filters. Follow these steps: Go to Filtered ...
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13 votes

Why am I not getting emails for my questions subscriptions any more?

We moved to a new scheduler for the rest of the SE network this week (after gradually rolling out smaller sites) but is treated slightly differently to the other sites on the network;...
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10 votes

How can I unsubscribe from a topic?

You're only getting notified because you've commented on this answer. If you no longer want to be notified, simply delete all your comments on that answer. You'll have to expand the comment list to ...
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9 votes

Re-email the lost issues of 'The Overflow'

I doubt there is any way to have old, missed issues re-sent as emails, but I'm not sure why it would be necessary. All issues of "The Overflow" are available online, on the Stack Overflow ...
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5 votes

Merged accounts, wrong email keeps being used

Quoting from myself on another question (I just posted this): See back when we pushed out the new Email Settings section of the profile and updated all of our mailing habits, part of the process was ...
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4 votes

Show number of users subscribed to each tag

Not needed as feature already exists and if implemented as requested during post creation may actually encourage undesired behavior of tagging for exposure and not for content of the question. ...
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1 vote

Email subscriptions for tags not being delivered

We had an issue after our network-wide roll out of Entity Framework Core that resulted in lazy loading not always working - in particular it started to fail in certain cases when sending tag ...
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