Thanks for bringing this up. Yes, this is the same issue as what happened last year, and it is still something that is happening through Qualtrics, the survey provider that we are using. (Thanks yivi for your earlier response, your analysis was very accurate). We decided not to switch from Qualtrics this year because we had already invested significant ...


It seems rather daft Qualtrics interpreting that gathering survey responses for their American clients is a "technology export". I would understand not providing their service to clients (as SO) in Iran, but the location of the surveyed end-users seems rather less relevant. But of course I'm sure their legal counsel knows better. I'm not a lawyer, not ...


Thanks for the report! From my initial investigation... what seems to be happening is that the versions in the Android tag don't match the inline versions used in one (or more) of the examples. In this specific case, the example that trips up validation contains the following directive: <!-- if version [gte 2.3-2.3.2] --> and version 2.3.2 is not ...


We had a low-level issue affecting one of our web servers that was causing some users trying to access the page to receive 500 errors. The issue has since been addressed and we're still looking into the root cause. Sorry for any inconvenience and please let us know if you experience any additional issues!


OP here. Like one of the comments above, it was failing for me all day yesterday, and is now working today from the same location/browser/OS. Thanks to whomever fixed whatever was wrong. Looks like I wasn't the only one seeing it, but that it was scattered.


You have two Careers accounts and your SO account is not linked to the one that received this message. This happens occasionally because Careers and SO used to be separate sites. We can merge them for you or move your SO account to the other Careers account. Let me know in comments and we'll get you fixed up!

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