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The [connect] tag is being burninated

Observations/Retag Guidance: Questions about Adobe connect should use the adobe-connect tag instead. Questions about Mirth Connect should use mirth instead (mirth-connect is a synonym of mirth at the ...
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How difficult (or problematic) would it be to widen up the site layout a bit?

I agree. This is something we (ux) have been thinking about. We have a meta post planned that goes into more details about our plans regarding site width in a couple weeks.
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There is no syntax highlighting in Discussions

This is an issue caused in full.en.js. This cannot be corrected by any changes to markdown. HighlightJS is not even being loaded on these pages. There is some conditional logic in the styleCodeBlocks ...
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Make deleting discussions more intuitive

When we add undeletion capability for post authors, the "delete" option will be added to the bottom menu bar (like on questions and answers). Until then, there is the less intuitive route ...
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Unanswered question list in Collectives shows merged questions

Thanks for pointing this out, we have filed a bug to fix this. Likely it won't be handled until we come back around to these lists in Collectives (there are a few things like this that we'd like to ...
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