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Thank you for raising this. There's a lot of great feedback as well. There is definitely room for improvement here so I've set this to status-deferred for now as this is something we'd like to explore further.


The current behavior is like this: Not quite... Sorry to be pedantic here, but I just had to correct an edit to an old answer, and I suspect there's some misinformation floating around. (Ok, I still occasionally read the SOCVR, so I know there's some misinformation floating around) This bug is somewhat more complicated than just "if you vote and edit ...


I would disagree with this proposal since it's fixing the symptom of poor questions as opposed to addressing the problem - which is poor questions. For banned users, there are what I would consider three buckets that they fall into. A user will continue to ask questions in spite of the limit, and attempt to contribute in a positive way to the site. A user ...


I think it's possible that, to some extent, this is already happening. I'm a moderator on another SE site, and back in 2015, we had a user ask a barrage of off-topic questions. All six were closed, five were deleted, three received downvotes (to a total of -5), and none received upvotes. My understanding is that this should have been more than enough to ...


We are in early discovery on a project for new user onboarding, helping inexperienced users better learn the rules of the site and how to be successful. (You'll see more on Meta as we get further along.) We will give this request more thought as part of that project. I've tagged it as status-deferred for now because we need to review this request in the ...


I totally agree with this. Moreover users should be warned about the consequences of down-voting the question somehow, that the poster can get blocked. That this isn't a feature to express digress, but poor intent. The system shall be set in such a way that it doesn't allow people to simply silence opinions they don't agree with.

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