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There were 2,973 questions, 385 comments and 4,388 answers flagged by moderators. I always considered moderators as flag handlers, not generators. In what situations would moderator raise a flag? And who handles them?


A "grand total" might be a nice addition, but it's easy to copy/paste into Excel and arrive at: 1,147,403 total Moderator actions in 2021. Wow! And a big "Thank You" to the Mod team for your hard work!


Can someone provide more detail on the "Question Flags Handled" and "Answer Flags Handled" stats. They show right at 100% of the total flags were handled. Edit/Update: Zanna, a mod on Ask Ubuntu, provided the information here that explains this stat: A flag to close a post is considered to be handled if it is marked helpful. This ...


Well, I'm a fairly active reviewer but have, in recent months, slipped back a bit on the Suggested Edits queue; it's one of the hardest workloads, IMHO, and I've been placing my efforts elsewhere – notably the (fast-growing) First Questions queue. However, the prospect of a nice hat did inspire me to do a few days' worth of hard reviewing in Suggested Edits ...

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