I do not believe the alternatives are "mass edit or let the database decay", as you state in a comment. I'm pretty sure you can find many other misspellings that are as prevalent or even more. We edit and improve those collaborately. The more attention an individual post has, the more likely is going to be fixed by a passer-by. The less attention it ...


The regex StackOver[fF]low can detect such errors with no false positives. Except for when your language of choice uses Pascal case and actually has a StackOverflow exception or error. I don't see why this should be automated. Simply comment or edit it.


I respect Edsger Dijkstra as much as the next developer, but I'm not convinced that his name should be a special case for autocorrection. Two arguments come to my mind here. The more obvious one (I think) is "we don't do it for anything else." The better one is "we already allow and encourage community editing." If we implement this as an automated thing, ...


Thanks for flagging this. I really appreciate it as I'm an employee at Stack Overflow and worked on the G2 Crowd campaign you're referencing. The design aspect of the social posts that you point to in your question with the typo has been updated for future social posts on the topic.


This probably isn't as big a problem as it looks. I don't think we need a huge edit hunt, but you should fix this when you see it (especially for brand new posts, since bumping them doesn't matter). Here's why. There's no confusion about what you're talking about (unlike when people "misspell" Java as Javascript). Most search engines will find ...


A tag that isn't used by any questions will get automatically deleted. Simply remove the tag from all your questions and it will disappear after a day or so. That being said, are you sure you aren't actually looking for static-initialization? This is the correct term in C and C++. For example, C++ classes with static storage duration will have their ...


I disagree. It's not Stack Overflow's place to add automated proofreading tools to its site. It's the reviewer's/poster's/editor's responsibility to ensure that they are clear, concise and using appropriate English constructs. Someone who can proofread without the need for those tools can always come along and make the necessary corrections, too. Also......


This idea has good intent, and on its face would be helpful. It breaks down in the details though. Edits bump posts onto the active list, and as a result it is highly suggested that edits be substantial, and address posts as a whole. If you are going to edit a post to remoove a simple spelling error, then the rest of the post also needs to be examined - ...


I personally favor the mass edit in titles, preferably with a backend script that doesn't trip edited by, because the title search is too dumb to correct for misspellings. Since the edit is trivial, only the mass edit scripts can prevent bumps, etc.


Well...that's embarrassing. Normally this is caught with the translations but we're skipping that step for the small beta - fixed in a build deploying shortly.


The sentence will be changed to "Still have a question about $Topic?" on Monday. I have the change ready to go locally, but I have a thing about not pushing non-essential code to production on a weekend. :)


That is a very ... comprehensive typo report. I learned a lot. =)


This has been fixed and will be deployed in build 2015.12.16.3985 (meta) and 2015.12.16.3090 (main).


As the OP clarified in comments, they're well aware of this many typos. My opinion: Only when the typos are significantly defacing the question, and fixing them will greatly improve the quality of the question, one should make an exit solely to fix them. Otherwise, one should only edit to fix other greater problems like non-formatted code, and fix these ...


It appears this was fixed back in September 2019, but we never status-completed this request.


This is a fun find; the code responsible has been in use for ages, but almost all uses of this particular "render a relative date in a small amount of space" helper are on dev/admin/moderator pages, which is probably why it has never come up as a huge problem (especially on english.se ;p). Other public-facing examples: tag synonyms question / answer lists ...


A duplicate of this question noted that we could change it to: Still have questions about Declarations and Assignments?

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