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How to deal with a politically motivated edit which doesn't break anything?

It's an entirely superfluous edit, and as @BDL points out: [..] the edits definitely make the post wrong. "Pakistan" is not a string of length 5. This would fall under the category of "no ...
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Replaced " with " in edit

My sincere apologies to you and everyone else for the trouble I've caused. I decided to use a script without testing and obviously was wrong to do that. Thanks to the efforts of everyone in chat, ...
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Very difficult decision on a suggested edit

How many votes the answer had is irrelevant. This doesn’t seem like a difficult decision to me. Cleaning up the post like that is undoubtedly a good edit. The noise to signal ratio decreases ...
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Not sure how to handle this unkind suggested edit

As a couple of the comments stated, Rejecting the edit is the first thing to do. After that, raising a flag for moderators is the next step. You should raise this on the post with the inappropriate ...
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Was it ok to remove the traceback here?

No, the edit should not have been approved. I cannot tell how many times I say "please show the traceback" on the Python tag. What we've just lost: What line actually throws the error. The code ...
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Pointless edit approved

Yes, moderators and OPs have overriding powers when a suggested edit has been reviewed and binding vote when it is still pending reviewing. I see you are the OP. You can reject the edit - there ...
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Edited question made less readable

The editor probably thought that since it was not code, the closest thing is a quotation of the console. Therefore, change a code block to a block quote. Since it does not make the question easier ...
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How should I have handled this rejected edit

I retroactively approved your edit. Some people review too fast and/or don't read. I was planning to say you should have made it clear in the edit summary what you did... but you did that. I don't ...
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Was my edit wrong? (replacing bit.ly link with the actual link)

In general, replacing shortened links with actual links is useful. URL shorteners are evil, and should be stamped out, one edit at a time, if necessary. However, in this particular case, as Hans ...
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Roll back latest edit of https://stackoverflow.com/q/7122609?

Thanks for bringing this to the community's attention. However, it technically wasn't necessary - you could simply have raised a custom moderator flag on that question with the info you've provided (...
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"Do not use" recently added to [language-agnostic]

I see both sides. On the one hand, there are some reasonable questions which are language agnostic, which talk and discuss more specific programming things (e.g. tail recursion, floating-point math, ...
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Why was this suggested edit that removed redundant text, rejected?

The reviewers got it wrong. It happens. What I dislike about your edit is that it neglects to fix the error message in the first paragraph: I am having many troubles trying to start training my model ...
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Was this rollback edit suggestion appropriate?

Sometimes robo reviewers mess things up. I'm not sure why three people failed to approve that, but they did. Your edit comment was pretty clear, so I can't even complain about that like normal. I'm ...
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No idea why a suggested edit fixing formatting and typos was rejected as "defacement"

Your edit was correct. The OP, a low-rep and new user, rejected it. The OP will always have a binding accept/reject vote for edits on their posts. Asking for clarification here is always on-topic, ...
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Should answers be edited to remove bad practices?

If you disagree with an answer's contents, downvote that answer. You can also add a comment explaining what's wrong. You don't edit the answer to remove the part you disagree with. That's a sure-fire ...
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Suggested edit was rejected, but the rejecting user applied almost the same edit

Your edit should have been approved. It's true, this was not a substantial edit, but that doesn't mean the edit was not good. Lack of substance in an edit would matter if there were other issues ...
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What is the purpose of modifying the example domain in data example?

I've been doing a lot of example domain edits recently. When using an example URL, the domain should be an approved example domain such as: example.com example.net mysite.example pageA.example See ...
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"Windows" tag removed when behavior was Windows-specific

I thought the tags ansi-colors and terminal-color were unnecessary because we could use the more relevant tag termcolor. The tag windows should have been kept. That's why I improved your edit and ...
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How do you deal with an edit which completely changes the code of an answer?

I disagree that a rollback was needed. While the change may appear to be drastic, in the end it's only superficial and an improvement for the answer. I don't believe you need a gold badge in ...
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Need to stop my terrible edit

The edit has been rejected. So nothing to worry about now. I think it would have been naturally rejected anyway because: This edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Even edits that must ...
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Why was my question edited for style?

I confess I am puzzled that such an edit (disclosure: mine) ends up being perceived as making the site less friendly. As others have already pointed out in the comments, the idea was simply to make ...
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Why was this particular edit rejected?

As several commenters have mentioned, the reviewers likely just viewed the Rendered Output from your edit which looks like this (image credit @Wai Ha Lee): Which on the surface appears to be a ...
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Need help to understand why was my post edit rejected

The author of the post rejected it. They didn't leave a reason, but I'd guess they thought you changed the character of their post. Notably, your biggest change was in replacing their jumbled and non-...
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Why was edit suggestion 22614668 rejected?

You changed the OP's wording pointlessly. The OP used "base class", which you changed to "superclass". These are synonyms, and neither one is more correct than the other. So... why change it? Let the ...
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Should this edit have been rejected as "does not improve the quality of the post"?

You have made 21 whitespace changes on that post on a total of 34 changes. That is a heck of a lot of nothing to review. And some of those whitespace changes touched the paragraphs, combining them ...
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Why has my "good" edit, that fixed a significant number of issues, been rejected?

Your edit was rejected by the author of the post. Unfortunately, you can't assume they know what they're doing when it comes to "best practices" on the site. After all, they are the ones who ...
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Why was my suggested edit, which formatted the HTML of the question, rejected?

If someone posts HTML code on the website because they're asking a question about HTML/css/JavaScript or anything that has to do with the HTML code, you should not convert that code into formatted ...
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