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No, there isn't anything like that in the UI. (You could craft a query to get this info if you really wanted it, though.) The best you get in terms of chronological sorting is when the post was made. Ultimately though it doesn't matter. If a post is valuable, then people will vote it as valuable. If you're concerned that you're not getting the most ...


This could be a nice-to-have feature for some people. Whether or not it's worth the developer's time is the main factor here though. The question is: will enough users benefit from this feature? You'll need to provide a valid argument to support this. For me personally, sorting by "Active" (as suggested by rene in the comments) is good enough for ...


There should be a less awkward way to do this, but it’s still somewhat possible. Simply search for inquestion:######## with the id of the question in Stack Overflow’s search and sort by newest.


By views... As @rene alluded to above, SEDE (the Stack Exchange Data Explorer for the uninitiated) is going to be your only bet for true sorting by views. As such, here's a query for the Top 100 Posts by Views that I adapted a bit ago. It’s worth noting that "views" aren't tracked for answers though, since answers are always attached to questions, ...


We already have this in a way; the Active option will show questions at the top that have the newest activity, which includes newest answers. However, I'm not sure why you would want to see the questions page sorted by newest answer... an answer without the context of a question is pretty useless.

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