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Thanks for pointing this out! This is a bug and we’ve pushed a fix. There is no Slack integration (yet) for anything but Stack Overflow for Teams, therefore that setting should not have been exposed on your profile, outside of your Teams settings. You should no longer be seeing the Slack option in that context, but let me know if the problem persists. ...


Viewing Slack Integrations For Your Teams Slack notifications for your Teams can be viewed and configured by going to the "Edit Profile and Settings" tab of your user profile and selecting the "Slack" button (/users/integrations/slack/). How Visibility Works Configured Slack integrations for Teams have different visibility to the Team depending on whether ...


Yes! When setting up your Slack notifications you can specify a specific tag.


You're absolutely correct! We are thinking about it; we know it is a problem, and we are thinking of ways to solve this, but it's not going to be resolved in the near term.


Every entry in the feed has two dates associated with it: updated and newest <published>2017-12-12T22:06:27Z</published> <updated>2017-12-12T22:06:27Z</updated> If nothing has happened to a given question since it was first posted, those dates will be the same; otherwise, the updated date will reflect the time of the last ...

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