I think in principle that Unix Stack Exchange may be a good spot, but in practice you would have better success on Reddit. There is a whole cadre of people out there who make it a goal of theirs to theme/skin Linux as a whole other OS, which may suit your needs better than Stack Exchange which is more Q&A oriented.


is Stack Overflow the wrong board for the help I need? Yes, SO and basically all of the SE network is the wrong venue to get help for what you need. We expect an actual question with a specific problem that is focused enough to be answerable in a few paragraphs. Your example questions is way off from that base rule. Which programming language are you using, ...


No. It has nothing to do with programming. It has everything to do with licenses and other legal implications, which isn't what we touch.


GC tuning is hard practically an art form with its own graduate thesis attached to it. Without knowing the exact details or at least enough details to be able to replicate, test and validate the tuning locally, we're going to have a very rough go at helping you out. It's not that we wouldn't want to help you, or that this advice isn't valuable. The very ...


I think you need multiple questions for this. Trying to tackle it all in one question may not get you the answers you want. The theory should be on topic on CS Theory. I would sort your questions about the paper there. Once sorted, when you run into specific Python questions, ask those on SO. Then you can reference the theory questions as background.


It seems, in between the situation has improved: from the bottom of each page here on the site, you get by two clicks to a list of all sites, which now has the kind of layout you asked for: an easy-to-read list each entry with a short description of the site's main topics filterable into sub categories The "grid arrangement" of all sites is ...


That depends on exactly what aspect of that you're asking about, and what kind of answer you're looking for. The comments already pointed this out, but if you're having a programming problem, Stack Overflow is good. If you're having a problem with the math, Math.se would be good. Physics would probably be at a slightly higher level than quaternions ...


You can ask your question on Microsoft Q&A platform. Q. What is Microsoft Q&A A. Microsoft Q&A is a global, community-driven platform for timely, high-quality technical answers. Q&A is replacing MSDN and TechNet forums. You can ask a question on Microsoft Q&A:https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/ask.html Remember to add ...

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