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This question is of course entirely reasonable and interesting. However, I would like to start a digression about the phrasing of the title. "Is StackOverflow declining?" (emphasis mine) hints at an unspoken assumption that boundless growth is a need in and of itself; that a slowdown of growth is a problem, a sign of decline and that something must be done ...


Consider this graph of score distribution: As you can see, the most common score for a post is 0. While some of those posts are something like +1/-1, far and away the majority of these posts are simply ignored by the community. If they do get a vote, +1 and +2 are more common than -1. Stretching that disparity across the long tails of each extreme gets us ...


This privilege was just created yesterday, so it was impossible to have earned it before then. The privilege notification will be generated for every user who has at least 25,000 reputation at the next reputation change on their account.


On the whole, I'd say that post growth rate is not so concerning if: Quality questions are answered quickly and correctly, and We aren't artificially limiting participation of programmers who have the ability, time and inclination to answer questions. In fact, given the difficulties we've seen with floods of extremely poor questions, a bit of a break in ...


A fix for this was rolled out yesterday thanks to Michael Stum.


Edit The conjecture originally presented in this answer is now disproved thanks to Jon Ericson. Here is the time evolution of the volume of non-closed, non-negative score questions and answers to them: It shows the same behavior as without the "good question" filter. In Q2, 2014 the volume of "good" questions dropped, and over the same ...


Looks like a new 25k privilege tier. Cool! https://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/site-analytics People who run websites use data about how the site is used to make informed decisions. Since our sites are community run, we give the most engaged users special access to some of the data we collect. Once you earn the privilege, you can visit /site-...


This paragraph referred to previous header ("...is SO declining?") In order to answer your question by yes, we would have to state, that quantity defines quality. Because in order to say that SO is declining, it would have to mean that the less questions mean less quality (maybe it was simply a poor choice of words or wrong understanding from my side - in ...


In addition to the link in the help center, Oded added a link to the 10k-mod tools page if the user looking at the page has the privilege: Now, that page could probably use a redesign and the link isn't exactly the most visible thing. But at least there's a link on the site for people to stumble across.


This is already possible (and easy) with existing tools like /posts/<questionid>/timeline. Thanks y'all!

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