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SO shows popover ad for teams that covers content

So, first things first: Thanks for reporting this! You definitely shouldn't have to be dismissing anything like this multiple times, and for now I'm treating that as a bug - more in a bit. The popup ...
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Request to change position of 'Looking for a job?' dialog

Being able to access the "Related" dialog is more common than the "Looking for a Job" dialog so it makes sense to make the "Related" dialog more prominent or accessible ...
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Can I somehow opt out from sponsored tag link ads?

No, you cannot. You also do not opt out of seeing any ads. The privilege is specifically for reduced ads, which hides the banner ads when viewing questions, per the help article on it. We do not offer ...
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View more Jobs -> 404

Thank you for flagging this. It was indeed affecting only the header and footer links of the C# jobs ads. An update that fixes this issue has been released.
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"Check out these companies" sidebar is broken

Thank you for reporting this. The problem was that the jobs that are shown in the company page are filtered based on your location, however the number of open jobs displayed in the ad weren't. We ...
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