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Can we have an official statement regarding greetings, salutations etc. please?

This already exists in the Help Center: What kind of behavior is expected of users? Do not use signature, taglines, or greetings. Every post you make is already “signed” with your standard user card, ...
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How should I deal with this answer by a developer of the product in question?

Disclosing affiliation with the product (or company, software, etc.) mentioned in an answer is always a good idea, and in general, disclosing affiliation is mandatory on Stack Overflow. However, one ...
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Should we edit signatures out of answers on sponsored tags?

Yes, please edit out signatures, even if they are on answers posted in sponsored tags. Every post is already "signed" with a user's name and avatar, which links to their profile. That's where ...
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Welcoming Formalities vs Noise-free Conciseness

No, it's noise. We shouldn't be lowering our standards of quality in order to make the OP feel fuzzy.
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Stack Overflow reputation and profile link in email sign

You could use Flair. Navigate to your profile -> "Edit Profile and Settings" -> Flair (under the Site Settings subheader). There you'll find an HTML snippet for a generated image with contains your ...
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Is it recommended to leave a comment that signatures are removed?

I don't say that we need to leave such comments. However, I almost always leave a comment like that for low-rep users, if the question (or answer) is recent enough for them to benefit from. Stack ...
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The King of "hey guys" is reverting my edits

Is there anything that can be done? Yes, the solution is to not go on targeted editing sprees. From the current faq-proposed How do I make a good edit answer (emphasis mine): Don't go on editing ...
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Welcoming Formalities vs Noise-free Conciseness

Clearly "hi", "thanks" and other salutations are a distraction from the content of the question (and, by extension, answers). It won't do to encourage them as they'll need to be edited out either in ...
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The King of "hey guys" is reverting my edits

First off, thank you for editing. Editing is crucial to the continued functioning of Stack Overflow, and it's always nice to see folks stepping up to fix problems they encounter. That said... If you'...
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My opening "Hi everyone" in my question keeps disappearing

Not only do editors remove noise from posts, the system automatically removes common greetings from the posts on its own.
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Is it recommended to leave a comment that signatures are removed?

I think it's unnecessary to do so. Retaining a structured discussion without "noise" to drive the question towards a resolve far outweighs any benefit from teaching a user about not using ...
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First line disappears when posting question

The problem is you're adding unnecessary noise to your posts. It is getting stripped out by the automatic system, otherwise it should be edited out by hand by an editor. Your posts are not a letter. ...
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