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Why is git.io not blacklisted?

The list came from longurl.com, according to Shog's answer: I pulled the list of shorteners from http://longurl.org/ (which seems to be down at the moment [note by Laurel: still down now]) and ...
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When the short link is part of the error log, how to format it?

Work around the filter by entity-encoding a character in the domain name of the link shortener. For example, this markdown... http://goo.gl/UEhtg renders like this, and bypasses the filter: ...
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Is there a way to get a short link to my Stack Overflow user profile?

Stack Overflow now features Story, a nice way to show your CV. To learn more go to: https://stackoverflow.com/users/storypreferences Your profile public link is customizable in this format: https://...
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`[description](url)` - prepend by default `https://` if not protocol specified

There are two main reasons I think this should not be implemented: Some websites may not work over HTTPS, and it may not be evident to the author of a post he just posted an invalid link In the ...
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How to deal with too aggressive short link ban when linking to adf.ly documentation?

You can use percent encoding within the URL. I've edited the answer on which you had this issue to use percent encoding for the first portion of the URL. So, the links are now: - [Official ...
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Is there a way to get a short link to my Stack Overflow user profile?

I've created stk.so — a tool that lets you create customizable, short URLs for Stack Overflow profiles. (example: https://stk.so/choraria that would lead you to https://stackoverflow.com/users/...
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`[description](url)` - prepend by default `https://` if not protocol specified

The protocol does not need to be specified for internal links, but you do need to start with a /, though. For example, SO which is [SO](/questions) This uses the HTTPS protocol as that's what Stack ...
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