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What is this new DEV share button integrated with SO?

For whatever reason, this was only announced on and not Stack Overflow. In a nutshell: yes, this is an official partnership. The idea is to make DEV, a social blogging platform for developers, ...
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Why should I leave my user ID in the short links when sharing?

As mentioned in the comments by @honk, it's related to how specific badges are awarded. If you don't have an interest in getting those badges, then you can remove your user ID that's added and still ...
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19 votes

"Share" links deanonymize user unexpectedly

A very small solution will be rolling out for this very shortly: It doesn't give you an option for whether or not your user id should be included, but at least it will help keep people from ...
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What address URL should be used for sharing a question?

Link generated by "share" button is the one to use for sharing. Format: "q" or "a", followed by post id, followed by user id who shared the post (if you want to hide your identity for some reason ...
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6 votes

Does announcer badge count increase when link is opened from inside the Stack Exchange network?

As reported in Announcer badge spike, page referral counts are no longer required to come from outside the SE Network. The most up to date place to look for badge info is What are the badges I can ...
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Question Share Button Provides Needlessly Long Link

The second ID number is your user ID. It has nothing to do with any post, and will not redirect you to an answer. I don't know how you got an answer ID on the end of it, but it didn't come out of the ...
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6 votes

Add `Copy to Clipboard` button on the menu for `share` on a Question

This feature has been implemented. status-completed In the "share" popup, there is a new option introduced as "copy link". When clicking on the link, the link is copied to clipboard.
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Is appropriate to use the advantage of The Overflow Blog article to get the Announcer badge?

This gives certain users a significant advantage which I believe is not fair. There is no significant advantage to possibly getting a badge. Especially considering the fact the link isn't even ...
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Shortening short SE link even more

Yes, these links will continue to work without the user ID number on the end. The user ID is completely optional and only used for tracking the Announcer badge class - you will never be required to ...
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What address URL should be used for sharing a question?

Well, actually you can use all of them. The link generated by the share button under the question doesn't 'look nice', but it does make you eligible for the Announcer badge - the last part of the URL ...
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Purpose of "email" in sharing link's question

It's a plain mailto: hyperlink. It should open a New mail window in your default mail client. Possibly the window wasn't placed on the foreground automatically, I know sometimes Outlook does that.
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2 votes

Printing the Developer Story by PDF in Timeline format

I used the approach in following SO answer (Google Chrome only):, Section Chrome v52+. Setting Emulate CSS Media to screen did the job. The print view ...
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1 vote

Channels - Share link not shown in mobile view

Fixed! As of a few minutes ago share shows up below Channels questions and answers on the mobile view, thanks for spotting this.
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1 vote

"Share" links deanonymize user unexpectedly

In addition to Treat your mods well's answer, could you also edit the tool tip to tell the user id will be embedded? I usually right-click on share links, I didn't see this feature and figured it out ...
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Can the 'share' links on questions/answers include the question title slug in the URL?

I also think it would be a noticeable improvement in usability (by virtue of users getting a gist of the linked question's title without having to follow the link). Experimenting, here's the original ...
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