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For whatever reason, this was only announced on and not Stack Overflow. In a nutshell: yes, this is an official partnership. The idea is to make DEV, a social blogging platform for developers, the place to have extended discussions about a Q&A's subject matter so as not to clutter up the main Q&A. Or just write anything about the Q&A, ...


The share link includes your userid. My share link for your question is: # ------ ^^^^^^ 274712 is the question id, 100297 is my userid on Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow. Answers have similar links; the id for this answer is 274713, so the share link for this answer, ...


I was able to reproduce this, but actually posting the question fixed the issue, causing the correct title to show:


You can earn badges for sharing links on external sites (sites not in the SE network). announcer "Shared a link to a question that was visited by 25 unique IP addresses. This badge can be awarded multiple times." booster "Shared a link to a question that was visited by 300 unique IP addresses. This badge can be awarded multiple times." publicist "Shared ...


Pro: you might get a badge. Con: your online identities might be linked to each other when you don't expect it. Example: sharing a link with a colleague can lead them to discover your Stack Exchange profile with questions about your work environment. This issue was discussed in “Share” links deanonymize user unexpectedly where a global setting "do not ...


Option: Add a checkbox to include/exclude the user ID ("Give me credit [?]"). Here's what it would look like at baseline, and when the user hovers over the "[?]": This approach gives the user a choice about whether to include their user ID. Checking the box on and off would toggle which link is displayed in the text field and used in social media buttons, ...


Facebook seems to have fixed this, but I was able to take a picture before they did!


As mentioned in the comments by @honk, it's related to how specific badges are awarded. If you don't have an interest in getting those badges, then you can remove your user ID that's added and still get folks to the appropriate answer or question. Also, if you ever wanted to do a search to get all questions or answers you've handled, then it would be ...


A very small solution will be rolling out for this very shortly: It doesn't give you an option for whether or not your user id should be included, but at least it will help keep people from inadvertently sharing that id without realizing it. Rather than let this sit unsolved for even longer while we figure out (read: argue about) exactly what this box ...


This is caused by AdBlock filters and is not related to Stack Exchange. Read more.


Stack Overflow may not be publicly accessible, but Google is (ish), and I think I have found the source! By searching for your linked answer URL in Google we come up with a few hits. The question itself, this meta thread, and a Twitter account. Given that Twitter is probably blocked for most of us, I went ahead and checked on my cell phone. Sure enough, ...


According to this tweet by StackExchange, starting today, there is going to be an official Stack Overflow Twitter account @StackOverflow and #StackOverflow should be applicable


A visit is a visit is a visit. If a user opens your link in a new tab, in a new window, or types it in by hand, character by character, in the browser of their mobile phone, then they are all visiting the shared link. It doesn't matter how the link was opened. As long as you use the share link on the question, each visit from a unique IP address counts ...


Originally share was called link and it was just that, a link to the question/answer. I remember the rename and it annoyed me because share is a very poor name. Link is a good name because it describes what it is, share is a bad name because it only describes a possible use of the item. And it is misleading as well because the name implies that that you will ...


Option: Include the user ID in a way that does not allow anyone but SO to identify the user (AES + HMAC + a bunch of entropy.) By including the user ID in this way, users don't have to worry about deanonymizing themselves under normal circumstances, but the site still collects the data. (A security breach or a cryptography failure could still lead to this.) ...


The publicist badge isn't awarded for simply finding a post that's been viewed 1000 or more times and sharing it - it's for having 1000 or more unique IP addresses visit the link you shared. It's highly unlikely that your tweet has seen that kind of traffic in five hours.


Option: Add a profile setting (defaulting to off!) that includes the user ID in these links. Users who want the relevant badges (e.g. Publicist) can turn it on. (As OP I don't like this one, but I'm including it for completeness and if someone wants to expand on it that's fine.)


Link generated by "share" button is the one to use for sharing. Format: "q" or "a", followed by post id, followed by user id who shared the post (if you want to hide your identity for some reason you can remove that last optional part) and -


There already are a badges for this: Announcer: Shared a link to a question that was visited by 25 unique IP addresses. Booster: Shared a link to a question that was visited by 300 unique IP addresses. Publicist: Shared a link to a question that was visited by 1000 unique IP addresses. All you have to do is use the Share link under a post: It even comes ...


The Announcer badge (and it's silver and gold compatriots) only count links from outside the Stack Exchange network. Given that the default way of obtaining a link is to use the "share" option which adds your user id it can't really be described as farming - especially given point 1 above. Given point 1 above whether you leave the user id in or edit it out ...


Possibly so its contents can be made automatically selected, reliably, across all platforms. I wouldn't trust an input field with the readonly attribute to be universally selectable. While on all desktop browsers I just tested it is), you don't know what mobile clients are going to do with it. That's just speculation though, not an official answer.


The second ID number is your user ID. It has nothing to do with any post, and will not redirect you to an answer. I don't know how you got an answer ID on the end of it, but it didn't come out of the share box that way - you're essentially attributing the link to whoever has the user ID 309622, which goes to a deleted user. That ID number is used to track ...


Yes, these links will continue to work without the user ID number on the end. The user ID is completely optional and only used for tracking the Announcer badge class - you will never be required to include it as that requirement would break short links for users who do not have an account on the site (try viewing a question in incognito - you get the same ...


This feature has been implemented. status-completed In the "share" popup, there is a new option introduced as "copy link". When clicking on the link, the link is copied to clipboard.


Well, actually you can use all of them. The link generated by the share button under the question doesn't 'look nice', but it does make you eligible for the Announcer badge - the last part of the URL is your user ID. The URL you see in the address bar includes the question's title, which is important for SEO reasons, but in fact it doesn't matter what the ...


I am using Version 1.0.47 of the app and I can share questions/answers by tapping on the three dots to the right of the posted date. will bring up this menu


It's a plain mailto: hyperlink. It should open a New mail window in your default mail client. Possibly the window wasn't placed on the foreground automatically, I know sometimes Outlook does that.


I used the approach in following SO answer (Google Chrome only):, Section Chrome v52+. Setting Emulate CSS Media to screen did the job. The print view looks like the following:


Fixed! As of a few minutes ago share shows up below Channels questions and answers on the mobile view, thanks for spotting this.

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