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Does serial voting reversal affect deleted content?

Yes, a serial vote reversal does update the votes for deleted posts.
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Is it OK to point out to a moderator suspected serial downvoting?

Flag something relevant - one of the downvoted answers - using the "other" option to raise your concerns and give as much information as you can in the flag so that the moderators can ...
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Looks like someone is abusing the votes, should I care?

Twice I've flagged suspicious upvotes on bad questions, noting that it's unlikely anyone would have upvoted the question in good faith. The first time (April 30) a moderator marked it "helpful&...
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Serial voting reversal displayed in reputation graph

The serial voting and subsequent reversal are not a reflection of anything I did, so why should that gain and subsequent loss appear in my reputation graph at all? They may not be your actions, but ...
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