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How does Stack Overflow prevent the Panda algorithm penalty?

How does StackOverflow [...] prevent Panda Penalties? It doesn't, and in my (watch it, N=1) experience Google is backing out of what used to almost seem like a hard-coded preference for showing Stack ...
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Google special SERP entry for Stack Overflow

This is an ongoing experiment that Google is running. They contacted us some time ago and let us know they were interested in running an experiment that showed additional information from our site ...
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Has the time come for SE to stop adding the first tag to the question page's <title> element?

I'm not so sure about this. In some cases, removing it could be good. In other cases, removing it could be somewhere between bad and very bad. Consider titles like: How to sort an ArrayList? ...
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Strange highlighting for a few seconds

The highlight is a Google search feature, where it’ll show the matching section on the page by adding a specially formatted URL hash fragment (starting with :~:text=). You got to that page by clicking ...
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Question appearing twice in Google search results

The result with /33258611 after it is part of the comment link for this comment Does this work properly in IE9? I am using it IE9 but once the text is inserted, I am not able to add any chars further....
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How can I post an article on Stack Overflow with a 'dofollow' link?

You don't. Stack Overflow isn't here to help you with your SEO. Advertising your own content here is a good way to get banned fast. Questions and answers are expected to be self-contained, and linking ...
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Google result shows title: "Not the answer you're looking for? Browse..." for SO question link

Most likely this is due to SO abusing the <h2> tag to display Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged java spring-mvc spring-boot mockmvc spring-mvc-test or ask your ...
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Google special SERP entry for Stack Overflow

Seems like it violates the Stack Overflow attribution requirements by not showing the usernames. Otherwise, I think it's pretty awesome. If Stack Overflow wants to grant Google an exception to those ...
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Questions with links for SEO 'domain authority' from Stack Overflow

I know it's a cliché to quote xkcd, but I'm reminded of this comic: I think in most cases it's possible to separate the motive for a post from the quality of that post. If someone is posting low ...
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When the short link is part of the error log, how to format it?

Work around the filter by entity-encoding a character in the domain name of the link shortener. For example, this markdown... http://&#x67;oo.gl/UEhtg renders like this, and bypasses the filter: ...
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Meta-SEO: how to choose Google-friendly question titles?

Yes, there is a best practice: Put your actual question in the title. This does several things: It forces you to articulate, in 150 characters or less, the actual problem you are asking about. ...
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New SO <meta> tags are too long for Google

Thanks for reporting! We are shortening both the meta description and the title tag (the meta description is already done!, the title tag will be out there in the next build). Google does take the ...
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Should deleted questions still show up in a Google search?

From animuson, in the comments: Our sitemap has for [a long] time not included URLs to everything. It is basically a long list of recently updated posts so Google can update pages that have changed ...
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Questions with links for SEO 'domain authority' from Stack Overflow

Links on Stack Overflow automatically have rel="nofollow", which tells any SEO crawler that we don't want to pass reputation. That doesn't mean it won't pass any, however, and people who resort ...
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How can we make it easier to find non-jQuery answers

First off... That's kind of a lousy question. And I don't just mean it's lousy because you omitted any details as to what you were trying to do; you posted it having already found the answer you were ...
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Should the ability to order tags manually be included for SEO purposes?

Why would you care about SEO for something like this? Users looking for questions to answer are not using Google or another generalized search engine to find these questions. For those SEO is ...
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Why didn't Google find this question & answer?

The question contains the exact phrase, yet Google didn't find it. Can someone explain why? Google did find it. It's absolutely indexed and shows up in searches. Your problem is that this error ...
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How can we make it easier to find non-jQuery answers

I think the issue is that the question shouldn't have been closed as a duplicate in first place. The scope of the issue is different compared to the one. Even though answers of question A could ...
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Is placing error messages inside code blocks bad for SEO?

No, code blocks get indexed just fine. For example, were you to search for var onlyInA = a.filter(comparer(b));, you're very likely to see this answer of mine as a top result.
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Where do Developers Learn, Share & ​Build Their Career?

Just guessing here but I would say it is because Stack Overflow is so much more than just Q&A these days (docs and jobs). So the title fits the description and the purpose of the site.
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Why does a question URL append the question title?

The question title won't affect the system. You can type anything after the question ID, it won't matter. But why is it there? for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reasons. Search engines go through ...
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Search result title truncated before square brackets

If you're not aware, Google reserves the right to show something different if it feels that is more relevant to the search (emphasis mine) If we’ve detected that a particular result has one of the ...
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Shortlinks are not marked up to point to the canonical page?

Could it not be fixed by adjusting the <link rel="canonical"> that Google reads? Consider Improper use of rel=canonical is hurting search as pointed out by @rene. Your first URL is a link to ...
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How can we make it easier to find non-jQuery answers

You could add -[jquery] to your search, but that's likely going to result in you getting mostly poor solutions. In this specific case the jquery themed question obviously has several answers that ...
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How can I get Bing to prefer Stack Overflow over garbage sites?

Something to make clear: so long as the other website abides by CC-by-SA and provides attribution (and links back) to the original question/answer, then anyone can repost Stack Overflow questions and/...
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