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How should I deal with this answer by a developer of the product in question?

Disclosing affiliation with the product (or company, software, etc.) mentioned in an answer is always a good idea, and in general, disclosing affiliation is mandatory on Stack Overflow. However, one ...
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Is a Microsoft MVP required to disclose affiliation?

Stack Overflow isn't built for recommendations or architecture designs. You shouldn't see too many questions that look like "What tool X by company Y can I use to build Z" (in fact, most of these ...
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Are consulting solicitations acceptable?

Soliciting work in answers is a no-no. It's against our self-promotion policy More importantly, it's against our fundamental expectations of what is a good answer. job solicitation info is bound to ...
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IBM Bluemix - When is a self-answered question considered genuine or cross the border to advertisment?

It seems to me that folks working at IBM on Bluemix are probably in the best position to offer quality answers to questions in that area. Another way of looking at this: I am a Python core-developer,...
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Is it OK to edit an answer by another person to avoid it being mistaken for spam?

I'd say that's perfectly reasonable (provided you're sure about the license terms, since you're effectively posting it as Creative Commons) and a very helpful way to resolve a poor answer. I ...
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Do people use Stack Overflow to market their products?

Yes, people do. No, it's generally not welcome. There's an important distinction here though. As long as the problems are real problems, and the answer(s) aren't just blindly promoting a product, but ...
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Consensus on self-promotion and spam

First, it's useful to talk about why this community strongly dislikes undisclosed self-promotion. We hate off-topic commercial spam (weight loss pills, etc.) for obvious reasons, because it's pure ...
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What to do about my on-topic self-promoting answers marked as Spam?

I'm quite happy you elected to step forward and discuss this, so let's have a constructive discussion about it. First, to your main conjecture: My understanding based on these posts ... was that self-...
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Is it acceptable to promote my own library as part of a real answer?

"Again, as part of a detailed, well thought-out answer." In that case it's absolutely OK, to additionally promote your own (open source required IMHO) library packaged solution. The point is not ...
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Is this library promotion spamming?

I saw some flags on this earlier and sent the user a warning after deleting the posts. If there were only one or two posts it would have been fine to just ask in a comment for the user to disclose ...
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Correcting my own spam answer - is it fine now?

If I were to write up a canonical example of how an answer that links to a library should look, that'd be it. Great job!
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User promoting his software in relevant questions without disclosure

I think it's important to be clear what the problem exactly is here. It's not that he wrote the software and that he's referring to it in his answers; it's that he's not disclosing that he wrote it, ...
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Is it enough disclosure of self promotion if the link itself contains their name?

Not everyone reads the link text, so a link without any other indication is not enough in my opinion. It is too easy to hide your affiliation. And let's not forget that display names can change, so ...
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Should I flag or should I edit out a social network promotion myself?

If you happen to come upon an answer that answers the question, I would suggest simply editing out the link to their instagram, and leaving a comment that they shouldn't do this in the future. ...
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Is it OK to flood Stack Overflow with questions and answers about your own products?

I seem to remember this being a common problem a few years ago, but this is the first instance I've heard about for a while. Personally, my stance has always been that if the Q&A are of high ...
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Accused of posting commercial spam because of a link to my website as a signature

No, there is no user-to-user private messaging system on SO. Greetings, salutations, signatures, thanks, etc. are all considered noise in questions and answers. They should not be written and will ...
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Is providing a link to a consultation website, along with the answer, spam?

Some people have already pointed this out, but if the post has valid information other than the link, you can simply edit it out and comment explaining the self-promotion policy. On the other hand, if ...
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Is self-promotion allowed in a legitimate edit?

This edit isn't appropriate, but not because it's self-promotion. It's inappropriate because (in my opinion) it goes beyond the author's intent. These are the most common edits that I would consider ...
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Self-promotion in images

In this specific case, it's probably just a piece of whatever OP had laying around. In a general sense, if a user makes a habit out adding watermarked images to their contributions, I think that could ...
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Is it acceptable to promote your own blog?

Should this be flagged as spam or is it ok? Is this an isolated case for the user? Do they disclose that the link is to their own blog? If so, move on. Not a problem. When someone posts a link to ...
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Could answering with the same link-only answer be considered spam?

Great, it seems you've done exactly what you're supposed to do. If you suspect something is spam, but it's not immediately obvious, it's better to use a custom moderator flag than a straight spam flag,...
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Post deleted by mods for "self promotion" : should I vote to "undelete" the post after complying?

You didn't post the answer once, but at least three times: https://stackoverflow.com/a/51537203 Here is a port of PDFKitten to swift, with some modifications to the way the string searching / content ...
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What is the policy regarding sparse self-promotion in answers?

Don't over-think it. :-) From the help page you linked: ...you must disclose your affiliation in your answers. That's quite clear. If you're linking to your own product, site, content, etc., say ...
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IBM Bluemix - When is a self-answered question considered genuine or cross the border to advertisment?

As an IBMer I can tell you that there were many people (inside IBM) complaining that we all come to Stack Overflow to find answers about everything but there was none or little information about ...
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My on topic and useful comments are being deleted

Even though your name doesn't appear with the article you wrote due to the nature of the site it's published on, it's really in your best interest to disclose that you wrote it anyway, just for the ...
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Why are posts allowed to be deleted without collaboration with the poster?

You're referring to this answer, right? For the < 10K (and the OP who won't be able to see this in about 6 or so weeks): We don't accept link-only answers, and the answer you provided falls apart ...
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Post deleted by mods for "self promotion" : should I vote to "undelete" the post after complying?

You should flag the post for moderator attention, explaining that you've fixed the problem that you feel resulted in its deletion. They'll either undelete it, or explain to you why your edit isn't ...
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Accused of posting commercial spam because of a link to my website as a signature

Andrew gave a good answer but there's something I feel needs to be pointed out here. Quick check list for people posting answers that contain links to their product/project/whatever: Is your product/...
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Why am I getting push-back for linking to my own blog posts in answers?

Kate Gregory offers some good guidelines for linking to off-site content in your posts. She suggests that... ...you paraphrase the content of the linked item (possibly omitting details or examples) .....
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Comment with link to my library removed

I thought a moment about Yvette Colomb actions and her answer here, and, despite the amount of downvotes that she received, it may have been the right call to delete this specific comment. Here is why:...
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