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Thanks for the feedback! The live search is quite primitive. It only takes the entered search query as is and runs it against question titles within your teams. No special search operators are supported, nor does it search anywhere else but within question titles. The regular site-search (simply hit enter) gives you the full search capabilities you're ...


While this has been resolved, I do think allowing a search term like usernm:hello1234 would be nice. Even though usernames do not have to be unique, it could just show all posts made by users with that exact name.


The 1234 in that helper is the user ID, not the username. In your case it's 3486691, so searching for user:3486691 works, but it's even easier to use the special user:me operator which automatically inserts your own user ID. This option is mentioned in the search help under 'User Operators'.


There doesn't appear to be a canonical meta tag on a question page, so this is something SO can probably improve.

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