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Use the Data Explorer, for example with this query select [Post Link] -- , body , score , p.creationdate from posts p inner join users u on = p.owneruserid where u.accountid = ##accoutid:int?7546260## and body like '%<img src="https%' and body like '%##term?3-way##%' This will return today: Keep in mind SEDE is updated once a ...


Assuming the images are hosted on Imgur, you can just search for user:me url:imgur. Add keywords or search operators like normal to refine the search.


You only achieve that by means of SEDE. This query (that was forked from my answer here) does that: -- will hold our selected tags create table #selectedtags( id int primary key , value nvarchar(35) collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS) -- fill selectedtags based on the ; delimited tags insert into #selectedtags select, ...


Search doesn't support multiple "user" parameters. You can use Data.SE. This helpful query created by "Benjol" 8 years ago should be good enough, even if it could return some false positives in cases where a username is common enough.


Feature is instantly implemented per your request: there is a huge search box right above the title for desktop view and magnifying glass icon on mobile view.


If the only information you have is the tags on the question and that you upvoted it, you will just have to go through your voted posts and look for it. There's no way to filter that within the site's software currently. Luckily you also know it was 6-9 months ago. You can skip to around the time of that date range (e.g.


I don't think we need this feature. Ideally, people will do what you did, but if you really want to save them some work, consider one of two remaining options: Post the question anyway, and then vote to close it as a duplicate of the desired target, because the point of the duplicate close reason/feature is to act as a signpost, which has value in pointing ...

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