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Tips for searching effectively on Stack Overflow - novice developer training

A 2023 Modern answer to this question is to use AI tools like ChatGPT and/or Microsoft Bing AI Chatbot. And tell them to search from StackOverflow. I often use Bing AI because it uses a combination of ...
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Cannot search for negatively scored questions of specific threshholds

This is related to Discussions Abdul Aziz Barkat has found the issue: Consider this search: [cicd] [php] [reactjs] [vue.js] is:q created:2023-11-22 it gives 0 results. But if you remove is:q it ...
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AI search: sometimes returning no results, toggling off takes hours, opting back in days instead of instant

Advanced search operators disable AI search, so as a workaround you can search for the following: created:2000.. colima The site was created in 2008 so this doesn't filter out any posts.
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Search shows different numbers sometimes

It would only be a bug if strong consistency was a desired attribute of the search results. Probably not the case, since search is very likely performed across multiple replicas for a site as big as ...
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How can I search for questions tagged [plotly] that have been answered?

As Lino states, searching for [plotly] answers:1 will do the trick. For future reference, note that on the search results page, you can click 'Advanced Search Tips' to get a list of possible query ...
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OverflowAI Search is now available for alpha testing (September 13, 2023)

The total number of upvotes is sometimes incorrect, e.g.:
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Is the URL generated by an AI search permanent and shareable?

No I clicked the link and got a 404 error, so it is at least not shareable.
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