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Only the top 60 tags are auto matched and converted per this Meta Stack Exchange answer. Note that this Meta Stack Exchange answer suggests that for Stack Overflow the number is 120 rather than 60. The first answer also explains that There is a way to override it. You can simply surround the word with quotation marks. So "security" would search ...


Protected questions like Why is processing a sorted array faster than processing an unsorted array? will have a banner, either at the bottom by the new answer box, or at the top, that indicates their protection status. There's not a way to search for them though.


Search Boolean operators are listed here. There is no edited or revisions Boolean option so it would be good to perhaps do a feature-request on Meta Stack Exchange. As rene mentioned, this can be done with a SEDE query. Note: SEDE is updated every Sunday morning so the results could be a week old.

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