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Will Stack Overflow disallow the GPT web crawler?

Yes, it was, but not anymore. Stack Overflow had been blocking OpenAI's web crawler, GPTBot from crawling the sites by utilizing the robots.txt, which is the suggested way from the official ...
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Can I scrape Stack Overflow job postings?

You could use the RSS feed instead. From the linked answer: For jobs, our “API” is the RSS feed. You can get a feed of any search of jobs, look for the RSS icon below the search results, e.g. ...
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22 votes

Can I scrape Stack Overflow job postings?

Technically we don't have a problem with scraping of /jobs for non-commercial purposes so long as your scraper acts like a responsible citizen. What does that mean? Respect throttling limits. If we ...
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How can I crawl and index Stack Overflow?

You should not crawl Stack Overflow. Beyond wasting your time or exercising your crawling software writing skill, there is no need. Every 3 months most of the public SE data is transferred in a ...
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Scraping Stack Overflow results using Beautiful Soup stopped by human verification challenge

This is status-bydesign. Stack Overflow began using Cloudflare in September last year. One of the intended results of this was to block scraping of the site. Instead of web scraping you should ...
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Are there existing tools to help track a tag and gather statistics?

Some of this info can already be found in existing SEDE queries: Number of Questions per Time Period: Day: Month: ...
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Why is `` hosting exact copies of SO questions and answers

The content on SO is under a CC-BY-SA licence so other sites can host that content as well, if they comply to the requirement that they give proper attribution. There is nothing wrong or against the ...
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