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No. Asking about words in English language is not considered a programming problem. You may check the help section of as it might be on-topic there. The only time when it would be on-topic on Stack Overflow would be if that word is the name of the programming language tool or technology.


Here's a quick guide, for all the sites you might think of posting on: Stack Overflow: Off topic Writing: Off topic Software Engineering: Maybe. Maybe not. In my limited experience with this site, such questions do poorly. But you may be able to pull it off. An SE meta post says: On topic: What is the name of this well-known concept? On topic: Questions ...


The question appears to be on-topic to me. It is a bit high-level, which may make it feel like it leans towards being general computing, but it's clearly asking what's necessary in order to accomplish a programming task, rather than a task which would be general computing. I've reopened it. While it was originally closed by a moderator, there's nothing other ...


Questions about wording to use in documentation or user interface are, I think, validly part of UX so direct them to the User Experience stack exchange. eg: What's a good single-word term that means "a user who's signed in to your website"?


As far as I am concerned, terminology questions should be welcome on Stack Overflow if it's about programming terminology (and in English, of course).

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