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No. Asking about words in English language is not considered a programming problem. You may check the help section of as it might be on-topic there. The only time when it would be on-topic on Stack Overflow would be if that word is the name of the programming language tool or technology.


Here's a quick guide, for all the sites you might think of posting on: Stack Overflow: Off topic Writing: Off topic Software Engineering: Maybe. Maybe not. In my limited experience with this site, such questions do poorly. But you may be able to pull it off. An SE meta post says: On topic: What is the name of this well-known concept? On topic: Questions ...


Yes Questions about building software primarily used by programmers (like a toolchain), for purposes of programming (like building software), are programming problems, and are therefore on-topic here. While there are certainly questions involving building software that are off-topic here, such as build issues compiling an upgrade to your Linux kernel as an ...


The question appears to be on-topic to me. It is a bit high-level, which may make it feel like it leans towards being general computing, but it's clearly asking what's necessary in order to accomplish a programming task, rather than a task which would be general computing. I've reopened it. While it was originally closed by a moderator, there's nothing other ...


Two things: Questions about tools that developers use are on topic for Stack Overflow, for issues that are "unique to software development". Even with that caveat there is always going to be some overlap. Off topic questions shouldn't be offloaded to other sites willy nilly. We have to make sure that a) we're certain they're on topic for the other ...


Questions about wording to use in documentation or user interface are, I think, validly part of UX so direct them to the User Experience stack exchange. eg: What's a good single-word term that means "a user who's signed in to your website"?


As far as I am concerned, terminology questions should be welcome on Stack Overflow if it's about programming terminology (and in English, of course).


Given that this question clearly involves a fair amount of programming in Python, I can only say that you were not wrong in posting it here... that is, it's on-topic. That being said, I can't answer whether you would have gotten better answers if you had asked it on GIS... I am not familiar with the GIS field or with that Stack Exchange site. If the GIS ...

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