For posts that are, or are about, system testing areas.

Copied from META:

All formatting features that work in "regular" posts also work in tag wiki bodies. The same is not true of tag wiki excerpts, which don't even support line breaks. Excerpts are plain-text only, people!

Header 1

Header 2

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Plain text. Italic text. Bold text. Italic-and-bold text. Inline code block.
A tag: . A meta tag: . Another meta tag: .
A link, with hover text. Another link with hover text. Struck-through text. Superscript text. Subscript text.

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A blockquote, followed by a divider.

 A code block, preceded by a divider.
Another code block, separated from the previous one.
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  2. numbered
  3. list

    Code in a list.

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