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Rollback invalidated suggested edit

Up to you. There is nothing wrong with the rollback since it simply invalidated the suggested edit as opposed to rejecting it (which had one approve vote at the time you rolled back): The author of ...
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I answered a question which was replaced by a totally different one

Firstly, lets start off by saying that there was nothing wrong with your action(s) of answering the question at the point you did. We, as users, are not expected to look at a question's history and ...
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How do you roll back an edit?

If you have less than 2k reputation (and therefore don't have the edit questions and answers privilege yet), you can always suggest a rollback (and optionally edit the post) from the post edit screen*....
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Were these edit rollbacks appropriate?

The OP edited their question to change some ids in the code. The change is pretty insignificant, and makes the code more readable. They also suggested that change to the answers existing on that ...
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