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Should we allow bots that repost answers from other sources?

No, this is not allowed. It is a violation of our policies on multiple levels. I don't want to go into too many details here, but moderators and staff have discussed this particular case internally, ...
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69 votes

Is someone botting API key removal suggested edits?

I'll just confirm it here that it was not a bot. All of the edits were done by me manually. And the edits I did were all Google Maps API keys. Here's the query I used to search: Stack Overflow Maps ...
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Is someone botting API key removal suggested edits?

I do not have enough evidence that this user is running a bot. Did not submit multiple suggested edits within a short time frame Did not submit a suggested edit to remove an API key almost as soon as ...
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48 votes

Can community bot upvote posts?

No, the Community User cannot upvote. But when a user is deleted, in some cases their votes are transferred to the Community User. See Cody Gray's MSE answer about the Warm Welcome hat. And also the ...
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31 votes

Should we allow bots that repost answers from other sources?

I'm not a fan of bots copy-pasting answers from off-site resources (or internally, for that matter) to Stack Overflow. There are several problems with this: The format might not be compatible. The ...
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How are "botted (i.e. using bots)" inappropriate conducts handled by moderators?

Using flags is the right way to report inappropriate content Flags are the appropriate way to report inappropriate content. For issues in chat, it's more common for a reporting user to use chat flags, ...
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19 votes

Did you ever train an AI to be a moderator?

While bots/AI can be, and have been, written to spot spam, unfriendly language, duplicate answers etc. ultimately the diamond moderators are exception handlers. These bots work because the problem ...
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10 votes

Is someone botting API key removal suggested edits?

While API are not secrets, the number of times this API key has appeared seems to potentially cause problems for inattentive developers that reuse it. Overall, I am not against it. If there's a key ...
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10 votes

Community replaced with - why?

Sorry for the difficulties - we received notice that the archives of the IETF's RFCs were moving; Slate and Yaakov were setting the URLs correctly. Unfortunately it looks like there were some edge ...
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8 votes

Auto-correct bot for common errors

This idea has good intent, and on its face would be helpful. It breaks down in the details though. Edits bump posts onto the active list, and as a result it is highly suggested that edits be ...
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Could we add more options when flagging a comment from the Community bot?

Is there any way we could add an option to the flag menu that better captures why the bot's comment is being flagged? For what purpose? The reason for existing flag types is primarily so that ...
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6 votes

Sitemap returns HTTP 404

As rene said in a comment, the sitemap.xml only actually returns a sitemap if the thing accessing it is on a list of things allowed to access it. Search engines like Googlebot and BingBot are allowed, ...
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Should we allow bots that repost answers from other sources?

All posts should be judged solely on the intrinsic quality of the post's contribution, not on any a priori properties of the poster. Whether Blue Prism's bot is making quality contributions is a fair ...
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