The beauty of Stack Overflow is that old answers can be edited by anyone, especially high-rep users, in arbitrary ways, not just rolling stuff back. In this case, edit answers which make outdated references to contents of other answers, edit to say "in an earlier version of <somebody>'s answer" (avoid "the accepted answer" because ...


A hotfix is now in place for this bug on both the /posts/{id}/revisions and /review/suggested-edits/{id} pages. Revisions will now be highlighted correctly in code blocks: This is a problem with highlight.js overriding the classes used to show these additions and deletions. My hotfix disables highlight.js on the revisions page. We have plans to revisit the ...


Update Nov 25th 2021 This bug has been fixed Thanks for pointing this out, the bug has been reported and prioritized.


status-completed This issue is now resolved Brian Nickel♦ has posted an answer on Meta Stack Exchange announcing the fix: I decided to go big here and just make the whole page responsive, replacing the table with carefully calculated header rows that collapse in a reasonable but Designed-by-a-Developer™ way.


This is fixed now. Specific edge case when significant edit messed up timeline load


I think the history entry is useful, if it were formatted differently. At very least, it should mention "duplicate targets": Duplicate target(s) changed from 123 to 456, 789 Or maybe even show the question titles in there.


This happens because of the "recent" highlight.js v11 migration (specifically this feature removal). highlight.js. The library now strips unescaped HTML inside code elements and that includes the .diff-add/.diff-delete spans SE uses in diffs to indicate addition/deletion. Until a permanent fix is out, I've created a userscript that should resolve ...


Let's have a real close look at the timeline of the linked Q&A: On 2011-10-18 20:21:11 the question was asked. It immediately received two answers by Andy and manojlds On 2013-01-02 it received another answer by Eric Hu On 2014-05-08 it received another answer by Sungam On 2015-03-12 it received another answer by stanm On 2016-01-05 it received another ...

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