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Rejecting an edit with your own edit implicitly tells the previous editor "you dun goofed". There's no need for additional context, because what exactly is the previous editor going to do with it? You've already overwritten their bad edit anyway - if they want to see how they goofed, they should be diffing their bad edit against your good one, not ...


I support this proposal. If I ever suggest an edit, and I am told that my edit did not fix the critical issues with the post, then I'd like to know exactly what those critical issues to fix are. Sometimes it isn't too obvious what mistakes were in the post, looking from the revision history, and I'd rather get some written feedback from the editor. If you ...


If you want to provide guidance about the rejection, how is an example of what they should've done not the best case scenario? Rejection reasons are useful only when the post isn't improved and can't be improved. Rejection with edit guides the editor with a example of what is wrong with the post and how to fix it, making the user a better editor. The ...


If you missed/ignored the notification in your inbox, you can visit the Responses tab in your profile, which has a Revisions section showing all past revisions on your posts. If you want to look for pending suggested edits on other users posts (without having access to the review queue) use the Stack API endpoint/suggested-edits

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