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A request to have a specific question reopened by the community, often resulting in explanations why it was closed and guidance on improving it.

This tag is to be used for requests to have a question reopened by the community.

Things to consider:

  • Re-read the help articles on what's on-topic and off-topic for our site and make sure you actually have some ground to stand on.

  • Read any comments posted on the question. Oftentimes users have already provided you guidance on improving your question - you just need to look. Don't make us repeat things others have already said.

  • If you haven't done so already, consider editing the question to improve the details, clarify your problem, and remove any fluff that is not relevant to the problem.

  • See also What can I do when I think my question's not a duplicate?

Do not just post a new question stating "this closure was stupid, reopen it" and expect things to go over well. Provide a logical argument why you think the question should be reopened.