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Abusive admins are deleting requests to reopen the question together with supplemental reasons to reopen it

If you think your question is incorrectly closed as duplicate, you are supposed to edit it to clarify why the proposed solution(s) don't apply. That's the whole extent of the content you are supposed ...
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How can a user show "code" on a visual tool?

First, I should say that I don't think questions about this tool are inherently off-topic for Stack Overflow; if that were that case, I would have used the "Not about programming" close ...
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Disagreement with question close reason

An MRE includes not just code, but also input and output, where the input may include non-trivial amounts of environment information. In the particular case of the linked question, it clearly ...
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Disagreement with question close reason

Problem is all of this things already were present in the question. No, they aren't. the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem This means: we should be able to copy and paste code out of ...
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My question was closed, what did I miss?

There are a couple of problems with that question. It reads much more like a requirements dump then an actual programming problem you have to solve. While we are a code writing service, we like to do ...
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Question should be reopened without edits

As the person who actually provided an answer to this question: I know that this is a new feature with almost no implementation support and knowledge of the feature in the community at this point is ...
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Disagreement with question close reason

I've just come across this in the review queue... 🤔 I think you are correct that the closure reason does not apply here, though not for the reasons you think. Even though it seems like a debugging ...
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How can a user show "code" on a visual tool?

Power Automate and Power Automate Desktop are what are called "no or low-code tools". According to the meta conversation Where and how can I ask questions related to no-code tools like ...
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How can a user show "code" on a visual tool?

A question is on-topic if it is about programming (in a broad sense; that there's a tool involved doesn't invalidate it) and it can be answered definitely. I suspect that the latter would be true in ...
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