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For questions about specific suggested edits that have already been rejected by the community.

On most sites, an edit can be approved or rejected by a single user. On Stack Overflow, two are required to approve or reject it, unless someone opts to improve the edit. When improving, the reviewer can mark the edit as helpful or unhelpful, which determines whether or not the Community user will approve or reject the edit. By default when rejecting an edit, the user must select one of the rejection reasons available to them or enter a custom reason. However, rejecting via improving the post does not provide any reason.

Use this tag if you have any questions about an edit which has already been rejected, in any form. If the edit in question (real or hypothetical) has not yet been rejected, this is not the appropriate tag.

If you have questions about the actual reasons from which you can choose, use .

If you are asking about suggested edits in general, use .

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