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Should I stop editing?

As one of the lowest-reputation (as I write this) users to earn Archaeologist, Research Assistant, and just now Copy Editor, I feel I have to write this. You cannot give up after one ban. Get up, ...
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A new user has just rejected an edit of his answer written in poor English

In general, when users reject good edits that fix grammar and formatting issues, you can flag for moderator intervention. This can happen because new users haven't read the Help Center and don't ...
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60 votes

Asker approved edit, but Community rejected it

This is actually a bug: that edit shouldn't be approved. This morning, we released a feature to override suggested edits. This is only enabled when there've been no subsequent edits to the post since ...
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58 votes

Why was my clarification of the answerer's code rejected?

I am one of the reviewers who rejected the edit. I think @Tiny Giant said it best: you're putting words into the author's mouth. To your credit, your edit is much better than the edits of most people ...
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56 votes

How should I have handled this rejected edit

I retroactively approved your edit. Some people review too fast and/or don't read. I was planning to say you should have made it clear in the edit summary what you did... but you did that. I don't ...
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55 votes

Edit to remove Answer from Question rejected

The edit should (imho) have been accepted. Removing answers from questions is something that should definitely be done.
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52 votes

Why would I make a new answer when all I want to do is supplement an existing one?

I'm kind of summarizing @Tom's comments under the question (seen when reading the comment wall after writing the answer). Let's take your edit as shown in review by markdown differences: At this ...
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51 votes

Suggested edit rejected by OP as "product promotion / destructive"

Unfortunately (in this case), the OP has the power to single-handedly reject a suggested edit, for any reason he/she likes. Still, even with the edit, the question is still unclear (for example, ...
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49 votes

Why was my following edit rejected?

Answers should be posted as an answer, not in the question. So I don't see anything wrong with your edit. My guess is that reviewers didn't notice the post is a question and not an answer, which ...
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49 votes

What mistake did I make with this edit?

I don't know if I'd have rejected that, but a couple of remarks: You haven't indented the code, while the original code was indented, just not formatted. You've removed code comments. You've added ...
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46 votes

Why was this suggested edit that removed redundant text, rejected?

The reviewers got it wrong. It happens. What I dislike about your edit is that it neglects to fix the error message in the first paragraph: I am having many troubles trying to start training my model ...
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45 votes

Should I accept these kind of edits?

This type of edit should usually be rejected. It is an upvoted, accepted answer, meaning that the OP and others have vouched for the code before it was edited. Changing it this much puts words in the ...
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43 votes

Why was this edit rejected for wildly different reasons?

The edit is good, actually, and I don't think it should have been rejected at all. What Servy said is true enough: you should have removed the tag prefix from the title, and you probably shouldn't be ...
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39 votes

Does this edit not make the post easier to read?

The edit was rejected by the author of the post, rather than random reviewers. We can only guess why the author did that, but I suspect it probably would have been approved if it was reviewed by ...
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39 votes

What comment would help this edit get approved?

Editing the question to add relevant information needed to answer the question was the right move, and something OP should've done themselves. So, I'd say this was an oopsie on the reviewers' part. ...
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39 votes

Can something worse than a temporary ban happen when I get too many rejected edits?

In theory something worse can happen. If you continue to get yourself into an automatic ban, the users and or moderators might start to notice. When there is evidence that you don't improve or ...
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36 votes

No idea why a suggested edit fixing formatting and typos was rejected as "defacement"

Your edit was correct. The OP, a low-rep and new user, rejected it. The OP will always have a binding accept/reject vote for edits on their posts. Asking for clarification here is always on-topic, ...
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36 votes

Suggested edit was rejected, but the rejecting user applied almost the same edit

Your edit should have been approved. It's true, this was not a substantial edit, but that doesn't mean the edit was not good. Lack of substance in an edit would matter if there were other issues ...
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35 votes

Edit rejected for not making post accurate; it does

Is this a reasonable channel to express this thinking? Yes, meta can be a channel where you can challenge a decision made on main. Does my reasoning make sense, or have I misunderstood something ...
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32 votes

The site is threatening me with edit suspension over automated rejections caused by conflicts

Looks like a bug Your editor stats show 17 edit suggestions: 13 approved and 4 rejected. However, not all of these are still visible; probably because some were on posts that were later deleted. Your ...
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Edit rejection of minor error in code

I think Maroun has missed something important: SO actively discourages approving edits like this. That edit looks like an outside poster trying to fix the code. In most cases this is either a review ...
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32 votes

Small but important tag excerpt change rejected?

I don't have the power to change the outcome, but that change should not have been rejected. However, you absolutely should have included an edit description with the explanation that you've given ...
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30 votes

Why was my big edit rejected?

The reviewers were correct in rejecting that edit, and I would have done the same. Edits should respect the original intent and content of an answer, while improving issues with the way that content ...
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29 votes

Banned from editing for cleaning up [macros] tag

I'm one of the reviewers who rejected your suggested edits. Before doing so, I consulted this with people in SO Close Vote Reviewers chat room (see transcript). Tag-only edits are generally ...
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29 votes

Edit rejected "intended to address author"

I thought it was quite well established that vague answers whose substance is off-site are not the most desirable. Is that not true? It is. The solution, however, is not to edit your own answer into ...
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29 votes

Serial rejection of my suggested edits

Chronicle Queue - a Micro second messaging that stores everything to disk plagiarised from here GdkPixbuf is a library for image loading and manipulation plagiarised from here libssl is the ...
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