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Looking at the timeline on your posts: Your post went through two review queues, the triage and first post queues, which exposes it to more users and possibly downvotes. During that time and subsequent to this your posts has been substantially edited. People can be intolerant of grammatical and formatting errors on posts. By taking the time to care for how ...


Great question. I'd recommend the following checklist - some of which you've fulfilled. Formatting Ensure it's well formatted. You can see from the revision history a couple of us have tweaked your format. One thing that drives me to distraction is poorly formatted code. Presentation tells your readers you've taken the time and care about your post. ...


100% disagree. These types of titles might often hint at extremely low-quality here, but there are several other stack exchanges where some of my questions are easily summed up in their title and there's little else required other than "Title says it all" and proof of due diligence that I searched for answers.

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