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Your profile contains a votes tab. There you can find all the posts (questions and answers) you have up or downvoted in the past.


The reason for this is that the "X posts edited" on your profile only counts certain edits, where as "All Actions -> Revisions" counts all edits. In "X posts edited", revisions to your own posts do not count and multiple revisions to the same post only count once. There may be other criteria I'm missing, but these are the ones I know of.


Yes, even I found the same issue right now. I too tried to upload same image and yes it worked. Probably stackoverflow has issues with the references of locations. pointer to image is not working in update section. Anyways, Solution is "Re-upload the Image" while editing the information.


Thank you for the feature request, @DanielSpringer! You should be able to see when you last updated your resume under the Job preferences section.

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