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According to this comment on a similar post by Martijn Pieters: The network profile doesn’t support GitHub and Twitter links, so they won’t be copied. Your network profile has your name, and your location, description and link fields. You used your link field for your LinkedIn URL.


How do you edit what information appears under name and location on your Stack Overflow network profile? Click on the "Update profile link" on the right side. You will get a dialog that allows you to "Choose a site to copy profile information from". Pick the site that has the links you want to appear in you network profile.


This has been fixed. A thorough explanation (and haiku) is posted on MSE.


I would say that's not a bug, it's a feature. It doesn't look good trying to hire [...] developers and then demanding them to click through broken links/forms I completely agree. Which is why, once you spot a job posting where the company links to some garbage system that wastes your time, you can use this fact to determine that the company probably isn't ...

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