The different sites are completely different communities, with some natural variation in their policies and expectations. This is why the reputation earned does not transfer. Earning privileges on one site means that you have invested a lot of time in that site and can reasonably be taken to imply that you are familiar with its policies and expectations. ...


You can't. As a trusted user, your edits will always be directly applied. There is no way to push a edit into the review queue, manually. If you really want to make sure the author agrees with your intended edit, you could ask him in a comment, before making the edit.


You need to click the score count. Note: Even you don't have 1,000 reputations, you can view vote count using “View Vote totals” without 1000 rep script.


No, only ♦ moderators have that privilege, though sometimes one comment flag by a regular user can remove a comment. This is not one of those cases, though. Your comment was automatically removed by the system; once the question is marked as a duplicate, the system sees your comment isn't necessary anymore (because the close banner makes it obsolete). ...


If you are concerned about the specific question that prompted this question, the appropriate response, in my opinion, is to ask in a subject-matter chatroom (if one exists and is active) or ask about it on here with the discussion and specific-question tags, and also be sure to link to said meta post in a comment on the actual SO question so that relevant ...


There's no "setting" to hide deleted answers once you can see them. You can, however, add some custom styling using a browser plugin like stylus (chrome / firefox): .deleted-answer { display: none !important; } This doesn't update the "answers" count just below the question, but I rarely look at that any way:


Users with over 10,000 reputation can see deleted answers and, if they have a link to them, deleted questions. And yes, deleted posts can be edited while deleted. As far as 'reacting to it', I'm assuming you mean voting, in which case no, no one can vote up or down on deleted content. Users with 20,000 reputation or more can vote to undelete deleted answers ...


Aha, apparently there is no reputation requirement for users who are in a Team to post questions and answers, as users may be required to post stack-overflow-for-teams bug reports or support questions on Meta.


Quoting myself: You can see the real up/down vote counts at any time by clicking the score while viewing a post - even if you haven't earned the Established User privilege. You will need to be logged in to access this however. This means you're in one of the test groups for our little experiment - so congratulations, and thank you for helping us ...


Log out (or open an incognito window with your browser), and you can make anonymous suggested edits. It may be restricted to posts at least one day old, but you should see similar buttons:


Basically, nothing. If you get suspended, you'll (temporarily) lose all privileges, but your reputation is set to 1 as well. On beta sites, where the required reputation for most privileges is lower, you can lose privileges when the site graduates and the required reputation for privileges goes up. But Stack Overflow is way past that point. It's not ...


All the general privileges on Teams are set to 1. These include: create/edit posts comment everywhere create/edit community wiki create tags see vote counts cast/view close/reopen votes The "start bounties" privilege is set at reputation 75, as you need enough reputation to start bounties. Some privileges that are totally missing from Teams are: protect ...


I suspect you've flagged a question as a duplicate, and then edited the system-generated comment to add additional information. Simply don't do the latter. Add a new comment. Any comment linking to the duplicate target can and will be automatically deleted when a question gets closed as a duplicate. It shouldn't be deleted if you edited the comment, but ...


You can create a second account on Stack Overflow, keep it under 2k reputation, and use it for suggesting edits. Having multiple accounts is not against the rules, which have been stated as if the second account allows you to do something on the site that your normal account would be prevented from doing, it is abuse Oh wait. No, you can't do that.


I don't think we should have this. One of the main reasons is that the reason for all the backlog in different queues isn't that there aren't enough users to review them. It's that there aren't enough users interested in reviewing them. Queues for 2k rep can be dropped to 1 or 1.5k As of right now, Low Quality Posts has 82 items that need review and ...


Currently, with your reputation at 2499, you do not have the privilege. As explained in the FAQ, if your reputation is once above the threshold, you will be shown the message. It's also shown only once, so if you cross 2500 again and get the privilege, you will not be shown it again. There are events that can cause reputation changes, but aren't shown. ...


You didn't allow for the humongous difference in the sizes of the queues when analyzing results: The Close Votes had an 11% reduction in queue size, dropping from 9,500 per day to 8,400 per day The Low Quality queue had a 74% reduction in queue size, dropping from 750 per day to 192 per day The post doesn't report the number of reviews done and ...


This was removed with all of the remaining documentation code. Sorry for the bother, it won't happen again I promise :)


Looks like most of these were "fixed" but removing images altogether. I updated the screenshot for the expanded usercard, however. Thanks!

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