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Please don't share my e-mail with Amazon without my express consent

We didn't intend to compromise your privacy or subject you to Amazon marketing, and we are sorry. We expected to get 500 developers to test the 2019 Developer Survey, and instead we got nearly 1,500. ...
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Please don't share my e-mail with Amazon without my express consent

I first posted this as a comment, but I feel I it's really important to highlight that this is a data breach. In the European Union data breaches must be reported. Many countries had reporting ...
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Remove "Last seen on Stack Overflow" date from CV

Yes please. This feature currently allows people to easily find the SO account of people who didn't list it on their CV on purpose. SO Careers / Jobs in its mission is all about developer choice, ...
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Why is Stack Overflow's disclosure of email addresses to Amazon a big deal?

You seem to greatly misunderstand how powerful and influential an email address is these days. An email address is a relatively unique identifier which allows online users to tie every facet of their ...
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How do I hide my profile so employers don't rummage through my SO activities?

Having a Stack Overflow profile, or any other online presence for that matter, is a two-edged sword - you get the opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge, but are also showcasing all the ...
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Stack Overflow should stop leaking information to other websites about whether we are logged in

I'm not sure it is ever going to be hugely controversial to be logged into Stack Overflow, but: fixed for the current incarnations of this and a few other scenarios we could think of: (yes, I'm ...
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67 votes

Sensitive Info Disclosure

Thanks for finding this. We've fixed it immediately as it was never supposed to be exposed information. The phone number is listed under your Job Match preferences and would be used as a way for ...
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Embedding Facebook avatars enables tracking of Stack Overflow users

Firefox has an answer in terms of containers, sandboxing a group of URLs so their cookies remain within that group/container. There is an official extension available that lets you create custom ...
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The survey's public data dump should have a random order

This is a great comment; thanks for the detailed thoughts. We have always removed timestamps (at least since I have been involved), done work to replace very high outliers on salary with values like "&...
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How can I obtain a screenshot of a post that doesn't show my personal voting choice?

Open up your browser's JavaScript console and execute this: $('.js-vote-down-btn, .js-vote-up-btn').removeClass('fc-theme-primary'); This should remove all the "voted on" styles from the page, so ...
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Is your Stack Overflow username submitted to employers?

The Stack Overflow CV is 100% under your control. If you don't want an employer to see your SO username or questions, you can remove them from your CV. The other option is to apply without using your ...
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48 votes

Your team memberships are leaked to other websites

We've applied a tweak that should mitigate against this, thanks. when I am in fact a member of several teams (actual names redacted):
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44 votes

I asked to have edit history redacted (as per a Meta post), but the flag was declined. Why?

Declining the flag is not the action I would take here. Any posting of personal information like home addresses, phone numbers, medical records (yes, people do post those as sample data), and so on ...
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Joining a Team forces my Stack Overflow identity to match my real name

So... I commented when this was posted, but it deserves a real response. First of all, this is a legitimate concern, and not just on those rare Teams composed of various people from The Internet who ...
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Remove "Last seen on Stack Overflow" date from CV

Much like a dating site profile, a CV for an account that hasn't seen a log in in a year is more likely to be a waste of time to contact. Quite simply, actively used SO accounts benefit because the ...
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41 votes

When, and when not to disclose names when discussing a users actions on meta

By default, anonymize. Often, on meta, we discuss the action of a specific user Action. The keyword in this discussion is the reason the default needs to be anonymize. We want to discuss the actions ...
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Embedding Facebook avatars enables tracking of Stack Overflow users

"Stack Overflow directly links to profile pictures from Facebook, which allows Stack Overflow users to be tracked by Facebook - even if we don't have a Facebook account." First paragraph of the ...
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36 votes

How do I hide my profile so employers don't rummage through my SO activities?

The problem here seems not strictly related to SO itself. Your profile can show your growth and from an employer point of view it can be reassuring to see that you improved your skills constantly as ...
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The survey's public data dump should have a random order

If you are concerned about your privacy, I don't think this randomisation alone is enough to ensure it, due to the rather small size of the dataset. It is fairly easy to filter someone out with a ...
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What actions have been taken after the data leak reported on Feb 5 2019?

We got an "oops, sorry, won't happen again" That's an unfair and inaccurate way to present Anita's answer. They answered with transparency, did not try to bail out of responsibility, and exposed what ...
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Remove "Last seen on Stack Overflow" date from CV

I've just pushed a fix to prod that hides the 'Last seen...' if you chose to hide your Stack Overflow account on your CV. This gets a little more complex in the developer story world: the fix has ...
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How is our privacy protected if SO is using a third-party service for the Developer Survey 2017?

SurveyMonkey's privacy policy guarantees respondents that "your survey responses are owned and managed by the survey creator, and we treat that information as private to the survey creator, except if ...
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28 votes

Teams² and Microsoft: What data does Stack Overflow share with Microsoft?

I'll answer technically since I'm not a lawyer - we don't share any data about you or your Stack Overflow Team with Microsoft. When the app is installed by an admin of your Stack Overflow Team we ...
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25 votes

My public display name in a Channel shouldn't be tied to my Private Information Full Name

Yes please. I had to drop my surname from my Full Name field (and thus my CV) because I was invited to the "Stack Exchange Moderators" team. I would have done the same had I been invited to some FOSS ...
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Joining a Team forces my Stack Overflow identity to match my real name

We shipped a change today that completely separates your Stack Overflow public profile from your Teams profiles. We added a site switcher dropdown to the Edit Profile page so that users with Teams ...
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