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Thank you for raising this. There's a lot of great feedback as well. There is definitely room for improvement here so I've set this to status-deferred for now as this is something we'd like to explore further.


I would disagree with this proposal since it's fixing the symptom of poor questions as opposed to addressing the problem - which is poor questions. For banned users, there are what I would consider three buckets that they fall into. A user will continue to ask questions in spite of the limit, and attempt to contribute in a positive way to the site. A user ...


I think it's possible that, to some extent, this is already happening. I'm a moderator on another SE site, and back in 2015, we had a user ask a barrage of off-topic questions. All six were closed, five were deleted, three received downvotes (to a total of -5), and none received upvotes. My understanding is that this should have been more than enough to ...

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