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19 votes

"Closing as off-topic" Update for Wrong Language

Nope. Given that the vast majority of us can't speak all of those languages, we have no way of determining if we're not migrating a crap question to that site. Closing it and leaving a link to the ...
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15 votes

Message "Não encontrou uma resposta?" links to es-SO instead of pt-SO

Sorry about that, it's fixed now. Be careful when copy-pasting, kids!
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10 votes

Banner "Não encontrou uma resposta?" goes to Spanish SO (Again)

This was an invalid default site setting, which originated from a wrong default value in the code. I've fixed the site setting, so the link should already be correct. I've also fixed the invalid ...
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7 votes

Is there a list of Stack Overflow sites in other languages?

Where to find a list of StackOverflow sites available in languages other than English? As pointed by the comments on the original question, there is no such list maintained automatically, but this ...
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3 votes

How big (in number of questions or active users) are the Portuguese and English versions of Stack Overflow?

The numbers are largely irrelevant. It should be about the quality of the content. Just because the main site has a massively larger amount of questions and active users does not indicate that the ...
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