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What is this ad about?

According to the source code in the screenshot of your comment, you are using, but that is not the official Russian site. That would be I ...
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How should I handle users who are developing phishing sites?

If you see this happen, there are two actions to take. Flag the user, as Jon Clements points out in his comment. When you're the Room Owner, you can also move the message to one of the trash rooms, ...
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What is this ad about?

OK, I found how I reached this malicious Stack Overflow clone. It was in my Google results: Good thing I noticed something wrong immediately (even if not actually the questionable domain name...)...
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This website is pretending to be

This looks like a website is proxying ours; it's also naturally a copyright and trademark violation. In cases like this, where a website is copying (or proxying) the entirety of what Stack Overflow ...
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Phishing email using Stack Overflow Jobs redirects to a Netflix phishing site

First, thanks for this report. Due to the security awareness of our users, we heard about it from the community from many angles (on meta, support emails, and Twitter DMs) very quickly. Sincerely, ...
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What is this ad about?

The IP address the site is using is now banned, so when visiting you should get the following error:
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How do you deal with impersonators

If they're actually using StackOverflow data without proper attribution as specified in the CC BY SA License, you can report them to the SE Team by clicking the Contact us link located in the footer ...
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This website is pretending to be

In the meantime, I have reported the website because I thought it didn't follow the attribution requirements, as explained here. Here is the answer I received: Hello, All content on Stack Exchange is ...
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How do I report an email about a survey sent to my Stack Overflow email address?

You have lots of information about you posted in your profile that has probably been used to find your e-mail address. This has nothing to do with Stack Overflow.
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