Well, the whole process is pretty complicated, but I'll try and answer you without writing a post that's as many pages (see what I did there?) as the last Game of Thrones book. Assumptions For the sake of discussion, we'll all agree that pagination is basically a function of pageNumber * pageSize. That is, to get the current set of questions in a sorted ...


Yes, the expected way is to keep clicking to navigate to the page immediately before the ellipsis (…), which will load a new set of page links. However, you can always manually manipulate the page number appearing in the slug (&page=8) in the URL in your browser's address bar. If you're willing to install a userscript, you can use my ...


Yeah, confirmed on Chrome Latest: Console error: VM286:5 Uncaught TypeError: cmds.unshift is not a function at eval (eval at <anonymous> (jquery.min.js:2), <anonymous>:5:10) at eval (eval at <anonymous> (jquery.min.js:2), <anonymous>:14:3) at eval (<anonymous>) at jquery.min.js:2 at Function.globalEval (...


Clicking on desired page size again to fixes the issue. Looks like a bug - probably someone changed how this value is stored. I have low expectations for quick root cause or fix as there is Thanksgiving in US :)


This is far from trivial to implement. Say you take the "select all questions older than x" approach, what would the page number then be? If each page contains 10 items, and there are 23 questions younger than x, you'd end up halfway through page 3: page | questions 1 | 1 - 10 2 | 11 - 20 3 | 21 - 30 Now what if you'd want to go to page 2? ...


This is fixed. There were multiple components at play: There's an advertising data structure on the site that surprisingly turns from an array to an object when an async script loads. When new-nav changes pages, it reloads a chunk of the page rather than navigating. This chunk contained code that assumed the data structure was an array. JavaScript errors ...


Can you please fix this? In the minimized code: full.en.js?v=65f133f16fbe line 4539 (chrome "pretty print"). The page size is never set and will therefore be defaulted in setPaging: function D(e) { for (var t, n = /(?:[&?])(page(?:size)?)=(\d+)/gi, i = {}; t = n.exec(e); ) i[t[1].toLowerCase()] = +t[2]; O.forEach(function(e) { ...


I have pushed a "reload" instruction to the servers, which will hopefully fix this for now, but we are aware that this is an occasional bug. The good news is that we are in the process of completely overhauling the code that drives this, which should resolve a range of stability and performance issues, while also removing a metric ton of tech debt that has ...


As of the build going out now, is no longer possible to set page sizes outside 15, 30, and 50 (1-50 was valid before). The page sizes are validated before going into your user preferences and on the way out for anyone already affected/stored with an invalid value. Given the default page size is 15, the most a malicious user can do is change it between the 3 ...


It seems to hold the last value you use. Asking for ?pagesize=4 will hold that value as default for pagination. That's my favourite bug rogue feature of the week, I must say.


Thanks for reporting this! It was a side-effect of some refactoring I've been doing the last couple of weeks - previously the pagination would reload the entire page whereas now it works AJAXily (in line with the rest of the job search UI). I've tweaked the code so that it now scrolls to the top of the page after the AJAX call completes.


The bug here is that the URL path doesn't include the answer ID. If it did, the system could find it no matter which page it ended up on - and to be clear, there's never a guarantee that an answer will be on a fixed page number. Example: Should the mod team tighten up moderation on Meta comments? is the same URL, with the same parameters, but with the ...


Since we always have a link to the first page, and we always show 5 adjacent pages, this is, in fact, consistent. There is no gap between page 1 and 2, so to show the 5 adjacent pages, we go up to 5 when on page 4.


When I search for product management incognito I get a bunch of product manager and project manager jobs... I see just one developer job on the first page of results. Even when I'm logged in and I mirror your match preferences the first page is entirely product/project management jobs. Can you detail what about the results isn't useful to you? Maybe some ...


Yeah, I can reproduce with the following workflow: Go to home Set posts per page to 50 Go to bounties tab 50 posts are shown on page 1 Go to page 2 and you are shown 15 posts and the posts per page value has changed to 15


This has been fixed and will be deployed in rev 2015.12.17.3996 (meta) and rev 2015.12.17.3102 (main).


Thanks for the report. I made some changes yesterday to eliminate some unnecessary queries to Elastic search for suggestions. Sadly that surfaced an off-by-one bug in an alternate code path that, apparently, never got noticed. It's fixed now!


Going to call this status-completed since the issue is gone. We killed that flavor of nav, but learned a lot and are bringing the most popular features back from it. We'll make sure the paging issues don't repeat (they shouldn't...the approach is different this time).

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