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One-line codeblock scrollbars won't disappear

I'm using Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 (64-bit) on Mac, but I don't have this issue. On the other hand, I may have a solution. The behavior of scroll bars can be changed in System Preferences. (Look ...
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Where is the best place to ask a question about how to set software on a new (Mac) computer?

Doesn't belong anywhere on the network. You're asking about what it is you need to download to get set up to program. Problem is that this isn't a precise science, and probably never will be a precise ...
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Stack Overflow won't work on Chrome 77 for Mac because of text substitution support

You can turn this feature off by unchecking edit->Substitutions->Smart Quotes etc... This appears to be the same as Safari except, at least for me, Safari defaults to having these features off As ...
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The scroll bar on the code snippet makes the code unreadable

If you are on OS X and are experiencing this problem, can you please try this: Go to System Preferences > General > Show Scroll Bars and set it to Always. I'm not sure about other versions but I am ...
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One-line codeblock scrollbars won't disappear

I posted my solution in another question but will post the same answer here too, EDIT: @Patrick Roberts suggested that you could just override the default CSS with stylish instead of using ...
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Where is the best place to ask a question about how to set software on a new (Mac) computer?

Stack Exchange sites, including but limited to Stack Overflow, are not discussion fora. There is, but the same requirement for a specific, focused question ...
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