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I suspect that the Stack Exchange Chat one-boxing uses the XKCD JSON feed. The Unicode codepoint for 'EM DASH' is U+2014, so in JSON it should get encoded as the '\u2014' escape sequence. Its UTF-8 encoding is '\xe2\x80\x94' but somehow those 3 bytes have each been encoded as separate '\u' sequences, yielding '\u00e2\u0080\u0094'. This is a known issue ...


I can't see the advantage of it for normal SO users and it is likely going to be abused by spammers. You would have to set up an additional review queue to check that the contents of these snippets do not contain spam, obsolete or outright inappropriate content.


There's a bunch of discussion regarding the philosophical and technical issues with this idea here: Auto-embed jsFiddle into questions You could throw together a userscript that'd do this fairly easily. In fact, one already exists - it doesn't do quite what you're looking for, but I'm sure you could adjust it. Personally though, I tend to think this would ...


Actually, any relative link in a one-boxed comment does not work. See for the place where I one-boxed my comment on the question (which contains one). The coments source is: Test comment [relative link](/q/311901).


This is fixed now and relative links in comments should one-box correctly in general. Unfortunately, this change isn't retroactive, so all existing one-boxes will still be busted up. Holler at me if you see any weird comment one-box behavior as a result, since, as we all know...


Apologies for this - it was unexpected downstream impact from rebaking links across the network (1.8 million of them) to I wrote up some details here: The Stack Exchange API v2.2 is down / unstable


This appears to be the same problem as the one here. It has been fixed: We found we had a few settings that were missed during this tricky migration. It should be ok now.


Fixed in chat build 314. Enjoy! (Oops, in testing this out in Sandbox, it looks like we've hit GitHub's API quota. So still no gist displays (whether old-style or new-style) until the quota resets. But it does work for me locally, I promise.)


Flex layouts are fun! I fixed up the styling, so it should be more readable going forward: Still a few tweaks we could make there, but at least the onebox is no longer unusable.

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