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Is it bad form to answer an old question with the answer you wish was there before?

No, that's perfectly fine. In fact, we even offer badges for answering old questions with good, new answers.
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How old is too old to edit a question?

There's no such thing as too old to be improved. If you can make substantial improvements to a post, then by all means, edit it. We're working together to build a high quality Q&A library; we want ...
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Is it worth answering an old question that already has 20+ answers?

I faced this situation 1.5 years ago on this question: In Java, difference between default, public, protected, and private and thought, hey, let's make this an experiment. I put some effort into it ...
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What should we do with new answers that just repeat old ones?

The tooltips on the answer voting arrows say "This answer is useful" and "This answer is not useful". An answer that is the same as an existing answer, doesn't say anything that hasn't already been ...
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What should we do with new answers that just repeat old ones?

Raising flags on duplicated answers is a risky proposition. The closer you are to be dealing with exact duplication, the greater your chances of success. The less exact the duplication the more you ...
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When is it "bad" to answer an old question?

If the question: Is not closed Should not be closed and the answer will provide value (e.g. won't repeat what other answers already say), it's fine to post an answer no matter how old the question ...
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Answering own question months later

You're encouraged to answer your own questions around here. There's nothing poor about your question, from what I could tell, so I don't believe it's subject to anyone coming after it. At best, you ...
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What is the Meta consensus on comments that self-promote answers to old questions?

I think these can be useful, and indeed I often post them (both to promote my own or others' answers). First, let me counter a few points made by Cody: You're saying that users won't take the time ...
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Handling an old, viewed and upvoted, but clearly too broad question and its answers

Great question! Err, that is, this one you've asked on Meta, not the one you're asking about. What you should be doing here is flagging/voting to close the question. Either "too broad" or "off&...
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Will people use Stack Overflow less often if the information found there isn't 100% accurate?

Your main issue here is: You cannot copy random code from the internet and expect it to match your needs I know C/C++ and Python well enough, so when I search on the site, I know which answers are ...
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How should I deal with a very old no longer on topic question that some one just answered?

Deal with it and its answers as you would any other active question; age doesn't matter. In that case, flag for closure (off-topic, Request for off-site resource). Once you reach 3k rep you will be ...
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Will people use Stack Overflow less often if the information found there isn't 100% accurate?

As a fairly new user and contributor on SO, I understand @Alberto's main point: There is an amount of older content, (edit: not all but some), that each year becomes less relevant and reliable, and ...
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37 votes

Poorly worded 8-year old question with hundreds of votes and security implications

I think some judicious editing would go a long way here. My first suggestion would be editing the question, especially the title. If you re-paint the search target so that it's square and turquoise ...
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What should I do if a question has been asked and answered, but software (and answer) has changed?

If the question is quite old - seriously consider doing the following: Asking a new question, whose title and body clarify it's about the new state of affairs (e.g. "How should I do <Foo> ...
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What is the correct way to handle changing APIs?

Provide a new answer on an existing question? This will be much lower ranked and hard to find, but continues an existing question. This is usually the correct option. Given some time, people will ...
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I found a necroposter, what then?

On Stack Overflow, we're not too concerned about old questions becoming active again, provided whatever has changed is a good change. Technology evolves and changes, and sometimes a new or updated ...
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Is it worth answering an old question that already has 20+ answers?

If you are genuinely interested in Stack Overflow's ideals, and you think you can answer better than what's already there, then those two factors are more than enough justification for posting your ...
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Commenting on old question where the answer didn't work for my code

If the question really is simple, that means: It's complete and concise It's likely not a duplicate and you can prove it You've got enough context into the specific problem such that your specific ...
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What should I do if a question has been asked and answered, but software (and answer) has changed?

I'd like to answer this as someone who frequently maintains 10/15/20+ year old software. What is best practice for questions that were asked/answered (correctly), but where the software has now ...
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Is there a way to self promote old questions if I still need an answer?

Using existing systems, I find the best way is to edit the question. But don't just make some meaningless edit to jump it to the top of the queue. If the question's been around a while, make another ...
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Should I flag comments posted by a user trying to draw attention to their answer?

Depends on usefulness of the comment - it is not against the rules to bring up attention to flaws of answers (either due to changes in tech or any other reasons). If comment is more like "I ...
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29 votes

Why has my old question been closed after 8 years?

Stack Overflow gets a lot of questions. We have a long backlog. We apologize for the delay, but we run exclusively on volunteer labor. Questions that are off-topic or otherwise unsuitable for this ...
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Old forgotten questions

The following is about open questions with at least one answer but no accepted one and without the OP's account having been deleted: They will not be auto-deleted by Roomba due to the answer. No one ...
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What should I do if the answers do not fully address all angles of the question?

Should I edit the question and bump it up on the feed? That would be an abuse of my edit privilege and not sure if it's really effective. No, you should not edit a post just for the sake of editing ...
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How to deal with an old, sub-par question that gained a lot of popularity

Sigh... Looking at the question in context... it was asked in 2010, back when SO was still trying to figure much of this out it has had a checkered past; having been been put through close reviews ...
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Old question, same technology, not satisfied by the answer. What to do?

Bounty sounds like the exact solution to your problem. If the question is the same and the tech is the same, getting the attention of people can be accomplished on SO by adding a bounty. The other ...
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The highest voted questions do not have research effort; this is a bad role model for new users

There's nothing wrong with "how to" questions, as long as they are reasonably scoped and otherwise on-topic. These questions are highly upvoted because they are useful to many people, which ...
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What should we do with new answers that just repeat old ones?

I declined your flag, because I couldn't find an existing answer which posed the same solution as the answer you flagged. There may (I don't know enough bash to know) be a duplicate answer once any ...
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