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Offensive flag rejected

The offensive flag is for complete garbage that needs to be destroyed now. A validated offensive flag or 6 of these by users automatically delete and lock the question, and impose a -100 reputation ...
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Add a red tooltip signaling that the "offensive" flag is a nuke

I've never been completely happy with how we show these options in the flag dialog. For context, here they are (captured from here on Meta): Someone with a trained UX eye can probably point out why I ...
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Offensive answers don't seem to get censored when manually deleted

Suggestion #2 should be how the system has worked for years: Going forward, deleted answers that have had any spam or offensive flags raised against them, will not show the answer body but the ...
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Offensive flag rejected

This was obviously not intended as a personal insult. It wasn't even addressed to you, or to anyone present! It was not "offensive" (in so much as we can deem anything to be objectively so), but ...
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How do I get more context on flagged chat messages?

This is always confusing because, as I noted elsewhere you're never given context on the flag window There's a couple of paths here Click the show all link (takes you to this page) where you can ...
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In what cases can the "offensive" flag be used?

Well, you are quite right that the user was intentionally offensive. And the post, as you flagged it, was offensive too. But, as the moderator said: Rolling back the edit was clearly the right ...
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In what cases can the "offensive" flag be used?

I'd say this was a borderline case. Personally, I think your flag was reasonable under the circumstances, but I can also understand why the mod who handled it chose to decline it. On one hand, if ...
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Why are swear words allowed in answers?

There's no word filter, because word filters are easily avoided by people who intend to abuse the site (also making such posts harder to detect and review), and often counterproductive for legitimate ...
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Why was my 'offensive' flag disputed?

We can only handle flags if we understand them. The mere presence of a foreign language is not offensive, though it tends to make a post off-topic. Unless the moderator handling the flag knows the ...
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rude or abusive flag declined

Flags are for action that community can't perform themselves. In this case removing fluff from the post could be easily edited out the same way one would remove "thank you" notes. If OP would prefer ...
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Why are swear words allowed in answers?

They're not; custom flag for moderator attention and explain that the post contains language that others would find offensive and is in violation of our Code of Conduct. Oh, I got some use out of that ...
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