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Why was I just awarded a bunch of "Announcer" badges?

There was a bug in the original logic for awarding "Announcer" badges, which was fixed today. I've explained it on the global Meta site, but I'll copy my answer here: Thanks for reporting this. ...
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Help set Q&A (TeamDAG) product development priorities

Question Quality I feel like a broken record, but it seems so obvious to me. Specifically, fix the new user question experience to something like this. Pre-populating the question box will do ...
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Psst. We're talking about you over here

Let's not do this. In many cases, notifying the "victim" that a Meta question is being asked about them is counter-productive. Imagine for example a hapless newbie struggling to come to terms with ...
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Announcement: New feature notification

As others have mentioned, I would very strongly prefer to see these notifications added to one of the places that already exist for housing notifications: either the omnipresent Community Bulletin on ...
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Help set Q&A (TeamDAG) product development priorities

I agree with enderland's answer and more so with rene's comment: Question quality first Reviews are a downstream effect of poor question quality. If we can improve question quality (and duplicate ...
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Announcement: New feature notification

Just posting this in case anyone else was wondering. Why not just use the current sidebar for notifications? What are the benefits or doing the extra development work to add this functionality for ...
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Disabling notifications for a question (it's 10 years old)

Neither locking the question nor disassociation are ideal solutions: If it gets locked, no new answers can be added, and the current ones cannot be updated, so as time passes it will become outdated. ...
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Add an inbox notification for rejected edits

Yes. This. Absolutely. What is the point in writing edit rejection reasons when the editor rarely (if ever) comes back to find out what it is about their edits that people don't like? Indeed, such ...
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What do SO's top users do to answer questions so quickly?

I do not think people stare at https://stackoverflow.com/?tab=interesting by pressing F5 compulsively. You may be underestimating that. Or at least, there are enough good people here that at any one ...
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Announcement: New feature notification

This feels completely unnecessary. First, it's not obvious at all that "NEW" is something I should be clicking on. Instead, it looks like Stack Overflow is new. Hooray...9 years late. I didn't click ...
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Psst. We're talking about you over here

Let's do this. I've put up a similar request a year or so ago, after noticing a few situations where users in a review queue took action on a post under Meta discussion. In that request, I've ...
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We need to improve the chances of reopening closed questions

I for one would be interested to try getting a notification after the first reopen vote (from some other user) on a question where I am one of the close voters. I expect that this won't be very ...
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Why was I notified of this comment?

There is a deleted comment from Zain. It was deleted 1 second before the OP posted their reply. So the @Zain would have been a response to that comment, but by the time it was actually posted yours ...
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Is a @user notified even if they haven't commented on that question?

No, there aren't instant messaging features to harass provoke interest from certain users to a post. Users can only be @-replied when: they have commented earlier on the post they have edited the ...
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People should get notified when answers to their questions are edited

This definitely should be done, as posts editing follows the idea of Stack Overflow, where answer should be not a forum post, consists of the main post and a thread of comments, but a solid post ...
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Announcement: New feature notification

When I saw the NEW button, I thought, "Hey, they actually implemented something!" Then I clicked it and was disappointed to find it's the salary calculator, which is pretty much a Jobs ad. I felt a ...
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New notification for old comment

The comment id is near 57 millions (57244762), which seems to indicate that this comment is new (assuming that comments id are attributed chronologically). Some comments to the same question also ...
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Answer notification in tab title

I fully agree! Activity on posts could show as counters in the title of tabs. For example, like this: Since all content that comes in is loaded via ajax, any time the trigger to load (1 new answer, ...
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How to contact the editor of a post for clarification?

You can @-mention any user that has successfully edited a post in a comment on that post. Their name will not show up in the autocomplete box when typing, but they will be notified. See How do ...
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Why is there a "migration rejected" notice and then a successful migration description?

The question was originally asked on Stack Overflow, and then migrated here to Meta (correctly, since it is off-topic for Stack Overflow and belongs here). Then, the question (after having been ...
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Can you make the "new answer" notification more obvious?

Yes, I like this premise. I have proposed a solution to this before on Meta Stack Exchange, but there is far less traffic there so no one really noticed. Ajax load events on question pages should ...
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Is a @user notified in a comment if their @name is added in an edit to that comment?

Yes, the user is probably notified. Retroactively editing an existing comment to ping a user will usually notify the user. Thanks to Kendra's MSE hunting, the relevant portion of How do comment ...
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Plain-text email alerts for jobs are very badly formatted

We're currently in the middle of moving to a new email platform which means a bunch of things about email will be tidied up in the next couple of weeks. One of those things is a consistent template ...
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Help set Q&A (TeamDAG) product development priorities

Question quality Why? Because it's the primary factor deciding about the usefulness of SO and - as has already been mentioned by others - improving question quality will have a lot of positive ...
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Psst. We're talking about you over here

If we tracked links cross-site, this would be almost free (as would a bunch of other useful things). But we don't, which means this isn't free and would probably require much of the same expensive ...
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How often do people who get private messages from moderators actually notice and read them?

Mod messages also get emailed to the user with whatever email address was used on their profile (it's actually an option the moderator can select, but it's selected by default on all messages), and a ...
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Help set Q&A (TeamDAG) product development priorities

Improve Search The current Stack Overflow search algorithm often misses useful content in its search results. When I want to find something I usually have to use Google, but it is a pain typing in ...
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Delete / update "please consider adding a comment" message when downvoting questions

Can we just get rid of that messaging? The community has moved past this guidance and opted not to become pin cushions for someone who gets downvoted.
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Why wasn't I notified of a new answer to my question?

The timeline went like this: The answer was submitted and you should have gotten a notification, though you may have missed it because; The answer was then deleted which in turn deleted the ...
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We need to improve the chances of reopening closed questions

In the end, the onus is on the asker for posting an on-topic question before clicking the "post question" button, not on the rest of the community salvaging it afterwards. Forcing ...
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