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How is this answer consisting only of "NO"s an answer, or am I missing something?

Even if you believe the answer to any question to be "No", you need to elaborate on that - or refrain from answering altogether. Without sources and explanation, an answer solely stating "No" is to ...
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How is "I think [technology] is smarter than you" an answer?

All, answer author here. Not very on point (regarding the flag and oversight), but I believe I should chime in on the answer itself. Retrospectively looking - this is probably my worst answer of all ...
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Educating new users not to ask questions in the answers

I think the word "answer" itself may be an issue: answer noun 1 her answer was swift and unequivocal: reply, response, rejoinder, return, reaction; acknowledgement; retort, riposte; ...
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Why was this flag declined for plagiarized answer?

If you think you've found plagiarism, use a custom moderator flag and explain the problem. Anyone processing a NAA flag will only be shown that one answer and at first glance it does look like it ...
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60 votes

Are blatantly wrong answers very low quality?

No, VLQ is not for posts with factual inaccuracies or for answers that you don't think adequately answer the question. That's what downvotes are for.
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Why is this specific answer not a "Not An Answer"?

Yeah, this was my mistake. I was handling the flag on mobile, and I saw the post as a clear answer without the quotes. I don't know for what reason (I wasn't drunk, that's for sure), perhaps it was ...
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Is an admittedly copied answer which does not add any useful detail (that just adds noise) an answer?

I raised a custom moderator flag, and it was marked as helpful and the answer got deleted. I would recommend doing that in the future. The flag read: This self answer is noise. It provides - the same ...
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55 votes

Declined Flag on a clear NAA

I handled a later NAA flag on the post by deleting it. Your flag was declined 3 hours earlier - I suspect it was due to a mix-up as there was quite a number of flags on that post, and one of them was ...
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Is an answer that says that other answers are wrong not an answer?

"Not an Answer" is the wrong flag in any case. "Not an answer" is for things like "I have the same problem, any solution?" If you're casting a moderator flag, the ...
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53 votes

Answer that admits it's answering a different question declined for NAA flag

If a single sentence of an answer makes you reach for the flag dialog then you and I won't have enough flags, ever ;) I present you this sentence found in that same answer. The solution to my problem ...
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52 votes

Flagging non-English post disputed after the post is translated

Your flag was disputed in review. The most current revision is shown in review. As far as I'm aware, moderators also see the most current revision when evaluating a flag. As you can see, by the time ...
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How is this answer consisting only of "NO"s an answer, or am I missing something?

It is an answer (see this link for a general explanation about answers/not-an-answers), but it is not a good answer (a good answer in this case would at least add some explanation why it is not ...
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42 votes

Can we add 'off topic' to the list of answer flags?

To get to the US Capitol Building from the Pentagon, enter the Pentagon station of the Washington Metro (subway) which is just outside the main entrance. Get on a Blue Line train to Largo Town Center. ...
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41 votes

Declined Not a answer flag

The answer should have been deleted (and has been deleted by the LQP review queue). It should not be acceptable to answer any question about a library or language with "You can learn library/language"....
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39 votes

Why were these two NAA flags declined for link only answers (one of these being the accepted answer)?

Without diving into discussion of whether decline was right or not I would like to point that moderator message on this flag looks very counterproductive... softly speaking. General guidance for ...
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Bad audit for low-quality answer?

Let's just say that the voting around that answer was odd. You're right, that was an anomaly. I've deleted it, which should remove it as an audit case. Sorry you hit that. You're not review-banned, ...
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Clarification on flagging "worked for me" answers as NAA

This answer I have the same issue. Removing 'new' resolved my problem. is absolutely an answer. The guidance in the FAQ you've linked to applies if the answer consisted solely of I have the same ...
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"Not an answer" declined because it looks like an answer

I wondered if I should have flagged as "In need of moderator intervention" and explained that it clearly isn't an answer. You wonder correctly. If you come across a post that is Not An Answer, but ...
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Educating new users not to ask questions in the answers

Two questions to answer: Is the problem with questions in answers exacerbated by the fact that these users are question-banned? Is the problem with questions in answers exacerbated by the fact that ...
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Are answers that completely ignore the explicit constraints of the question Very Low Quality?

If you raise a flag on this I am pretty sure it would be declined with a message declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer This does not ...
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36 votes

Is it okay to post an answer questioning the correctness of other answers?

Yes it is fine and encouraged to post answers questioning the correctness of other answers, but please note: Your answer still needs to be a complete, stand-alone answer to the question, and not just ...
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35 votes

Why was my NAA flag disputed?

Your flag was "disputed" because your peers (other members of the community working through the "Low Quality Posts" review queue) thought that answer "Looks OK". You can see what happened here in the ...
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35 votes

Has the moderators' stance on what Not An Answer means changed?

No Instead what I think we are seeing is one moderator having another view on how to handle flags, that for certain is not shared by the community and from what I can see (other moderator actions) nor ...
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34 votes

Are blatantly wrong answers very low quality?

That's my pain for all the years on Stack Overflow. On Stack Overflow, nobody ever cares for the answer correctness or fact checking. It's mind-blowing when you realize that, but it's a fact. ...
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33 votes

Do we allow answers which say "Check the Play Store" (or equivalent for non-Android)?

This answer is clearly off-topic for the same reason the question is on hold Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow unless they directly involve ...
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Is an answer that says that other answers are wrong not an answer?

This is borderline NAA (because it maybe should've been a comment), but I'm going to argue that it's not. While they don't provide a solution to the original question, it's still pointing out ...
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31 votes

Are super short answers really Not an Answer (NAA)?

Are super short answers really NAA? Your question answers itself. That you've defined them as answers means that they're not "Not An Answer". Not An Answer is for things that aren't answers. Note ...
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31 votes

Does an (admittedly) "wild guess" qualify as an answer or should it be a comment?

I was surprised at having my "Not an answer" flag declined, especially after seeing that two other users suggested the same thing after mine was declined It may be surprising at first, but ...
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