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Using NAA on jokes that make no attempt to answer the question

While I don't know what the reviewers were thinking, the response here on Meta might be the epitome of the persistently literalistic asininity that we see around the concept of NAA. If that post is an ...
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How is this answer consisting only of "NO"s an answer, or am I missing something?

Even if you believe the answer to any question to be "No", you need to elaborate on that - or refrain from answering altogether. Without sources and explanation, an answer solely stating "No" is to ...
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How is "I think [technology] is smarter than you" an answer?

All, answer author here. Not very on point (regarding the flag and oversight), but I believe I should chime in on the answer itself. Retrospectively looking - this is probably my worst answer of all ...
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Educating new users not to ask questions in the answers

I think the word "answer" itself may be an issue: answer noun 1 her answer was swift and unequivocal: reply, response, rejoinder, return, reaction; acknowledgement; retort, riposte; ...
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How to cope with complaints from tutors who want to fight cheaters

Do not deal with claims to remove copyrighted content by yourself. The author of the copyrighted content should file a DMCA takedown notice following section 15 of the Stack Exchange Terms of Service ...
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How to cope with complaints from tutors who want to fight cheaters

If he (that wrote the now-deleted answer most people can't see anymore) doesn't like it, he should work to correct his students and/or coursework. This is not Stack Overflow's problem.
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What to do when the OP accepts the wrong answer

They might not be aware that they're allowed to accept their own answer, so I don't see anything wrong with a comment letting them know. This way you don't have to explicitly tell them to unaccept the ...
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Merge the "Not An Answer" and "Very Low Quality" flags into one

Let me first say that (as a moderator) I no longer perform the calculus it takes to determine whether a not a non-answer answer flag is really hooked to a not a non-answer answer. If the answer ...
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Why was this flag declined for plagiarized answer?

If you think you've found plagiarism, use a custom moderator flag and explain the problem. Anyone processing a NAA flag will only be shown that one answer and at first glance it does look like it ...
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Not an answer flag declined because post was edited 2 days afterwards

I'm the moderator who declined the flag -- sorry about that! Under the presumption that edits will clear the "Not An Answer" flag on a post, I usually don't check too carefully if an answer has been ...
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Is this answer really NAA?

You've answered the question yourself, actually. In my eyes, the answer is seeking clarification from the OP... Anything that's seeking clarification about the question is a comment, not an answer....
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Why is this specific answer not a "Not An Answer"?

Yeah, this was my mistake. I was handling the flag on mobile, and I saw the post as a clear answer without the quotes. I don't know for what reason (I wasn't drunk, that's for sure), perhaps it was ...
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Is an admittedly copied answer which does not add any useful detail (that just adds noise) an answer?

I raised a custom moderator flag, and it was marked as helpful and the answer got deleted. I would recommend doing that in the future. The flag read: This self answer is noise. It provides - the same ...
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How to cope with complaints from tutors who want to fight cheaters

I have been teaching programming for a number of years, CS and IT. I think there are basically two situations: When the students work on some kind of project, there is absolutely no reason to ...
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Are blatantly wrong answers very low quality?

No, VLQ is not for posts with factual inaccuracies or for answers that you don't think adequately answer the question. That's what downvotes are for.
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Declined Flag on a clear NAA

I handled a later NAA flag on the post by deleting it. Your flag was declined 3 hours earlier - I suspect it was due to a mix-up as there was quite a number of flags on that post, and one of them was ...
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It's time to quietly retire the "Not an Answer" flag

While I understand the intention, I don't think this is practical. In the past 30 days, Stack Overflow has received 24,000 "not an answer" flags. That's 800 flags a day. If this flag category is to ...
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Is an answer that says that other answers are wrong not an answer?

"Not an Answer" is the wrong flag in any case. "Not an answer" is for things like "I have the same problem, any solution?" If you're casting a moderator flag, the ...
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Answer that admits it's answering a different question declined for NAA flag

If a single sentence of an answer makes you reach for the flag dialog then you and I won't have enough flags, ever ;) I present you this sentence found in that same answer. The solution to my problem ...
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Flagging non-English post disputed after the post is translated

Your flag was disputed in review. The most current revision is shown in review. As far as I'm aware, moderators also see the most current revision when evaluating a flag. As you can see, by the time ...
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Should I raise a flag for late answers which are just a copy of the accepted answer?

Should you raise a flag? Yes, the answer should be flagged. Which type of flag should be raised? You may raise "in need of moderator intervention" flag with relevant details. As bluefeet♦ stated ...
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Do I solve user's problem or answer the question?

If you can be bothered, do both 2 and 3. Make an example using crosstab for the user's desired output, and another with the easier method.
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Are "go fix / debug the code" answers not an answer?

TomTom's advice is good — I agree with it wholeheartedly. More people need to learn to use a debugger, it would save the rest of us a whole lot of time. I don't really like that Stack Overflow has ...
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So this IS an answer?

Times, they do change. A few years ago, I received the following advice from Oded (before he was a mod/SE employee): Perhaps the general understanding of what constitutes an answer has changed. Or ...
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If the question is specifically about a certain language, is an answer in another language valid?

Voting would be the correct response in this case. Flags should only be used for exceptional situations such as a post that doesn't attempt any answer, or spam. The answer is an answer, it's just not ...
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If the question is specifically about a certain language, is an answer in another language valid?

Completely useless, for the same reason I also advocate that duplicates should not target other languages. The OP isn't likely helped by this and neither are future visitors. That being said: the NAA ...
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Is a self-answer of "looks like I had a typo" really not NAA?

Saying it was a typo is answering the question. The question wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the typo. Not saying what or where the typo was doesn't change that. All it does is make it unnecessarily ...
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So this IS an answer?

It's not a question; it's an instruction. The author (presumably) doesn't care about the result of that check, however the asker may find that - once checked - his problem is solved. This makes it ...
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Using NAA on jokes that make no attempt to answer the question

it's too addictive and too easy, and in the absence of any moderation, the community would do nothing but add and upvote the easy, fun stuff. This is why community moderators have real power; they ...
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