Just go to the Filtered Questions page on the Stack Exchange site, and you can subscribe to tags across different sites over the network. You can set it to email you for the tags that you filter for as well.


You can also just search for the tag here https://stackoverflow.com/tags and then hover over the desired tag and then click subscribe.


There is a group of people who signed up to receive occasional emails from Stack Overflow. In the past that has included company news, community announcements, product updates. Folks who opted into this bucket will get The Overflow, which is a new product with a mix of company, community, and content. We also want new folks who are interested to subscribe, ...


If you want to just subscribe to tags with an rss reader rather than get emails you can do something like the following: [stack exchange site]/feeds/tag/[your tag name](+[and|or]+[second tag name]) For me, since I wanted to get a feed for the android-layout tag I did https://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag/android-layout You can also use the AND and OR operators ...


That certificate was being managed by a 3rd party and has now been renewed. When we implemented CAA records we didn't include Amazon which prevented the certificate from automatically renewing.


This was an interesting bug, we had a regression in our hot sorting algorithm that is produced by our API. The newsletters consume this API which is why it became apparent in our newsletter emails. Expect the next newsletter to be the highest quality newsletter you have ever seen (I may be exaggerating a bit).


For over a decade, Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network have relied on community engagement to dictate what questions and answers bubble to the top. When we pick questions for the newsletter or social media, we choose from a subset that are attracting lots of votes, comments, and conversation. From that smaller batch, members of the Content team (...


Are you looking for https://stackoverflow.blog/newsletter/ ?


Gmail clips emails that have a message size larger than 102KB, and hides the full email behind a "View entire message" link. The 102KB limit includes email code only (and not externally referenced images). I'm not sure why they do this, but as you say, there's no way to turn this off. It also happens in mobile Gmail apps and Outlook on iOS and Android. ...


Some ad blocking lists will hide the Subscribe button. For example, the Fanboy's Annoyances List contains the following element hiding rule in their list: ##.newsletter-subscribe Disabling the ad blocking software for the page should reveal the hidden Subscribe buttons.


Nick Craver redirects some URL's to 10-hours-of-fun videos. The pages that are normally redirected are the URL's used for WordPress sites. Some of the people who try to hack Stack Exchange sites, have failed to do their homework, and simply try the usual vulnerabilities of WordPress sites. (If they'd done their homework, they'd know that SO is built on ASP....


Check your email preferences, in your profile preferences page: https://stackoverflow.com/users/preferences/current You may find out that it is set to your old email address.


You can't subscribe to Meta Stack Overflow view email newsletters. You can't subscribe to any of the child metas on the other sites either. What you can do at least is subscribe to the newest questions feed via RSS. The URL you'll need is: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/feeds

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